Still Waiting for Refund After Host Lied About Everything

I recently booked a stay for my son at an Airbnb property, and as stated in their refund policy, I am entitled to a refund based on quality standards. The listing was misleading. It did not state that the water was not potable. It did not include that the room lacked the ability to be secured. There were no door locks, and no door between the shared living space and the room. It was dirty and infested with insects, which swarmed when the lights were turned on. The windows were minimally covered, and the coverings that were present were filthy. One window frame was dangerously splintered. The posting also listed internet access, which worked poorly, and only in one location. Half the electrical outlets were not working, necessitating the use of extension cords to power half the room. Many of the lights did not work. There was food in the refrigerator dated from several years ago. The access to the listing was almost impassible. I have pictures and videos to substantiate my claims. I contacted the host, and because my son managed to endure two nights before he lost his resolve, I agreed to pay the host $200, well above the nightly rate, and she accepted. Airbnb refunded me a portion of my deposit, but is attempting to charge me $440 for this nightmare. I have attempted to contact Airbnb, only to be placed on hold for 20 minutes, after which I was hung up on. I have contacted my credit card company and filed a dispute. I will pursue legal action if necessary, but would prefer to resolve this issue civilly. So far, there has been no further response from the host or Airbnb over the charge.

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  1. One of the pictures on there says it’s deep in the woods so bugs do come inside. Have you ever stayed in the woods?

  2. “recently booked a stay for my son” your first mistake. Third party bookings are against AirBnb’s terms of service. I’m amazed you got anything back.

  3. It’s clear that you are upset, but I don’t see that the host lied about much of anything. They went to great effort to show that the stairs to the listing are steep. They mention in the listing that insects get inside. As your son rented the entire property; I don’t understand why it was a problem that there was no door between the bedroom and the living room. I doubt you’ll receive a refund. You violated Airbnb’s Terms of Service by booking for a third party and you agreed to a Binding Arbitration Agreement so you can’t pursue legal action,

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