Paris Airbnb Host Tries to Extort Positive Review

I rented an Airbnb in Paris, mainly because the location was so good. Check-in was delayed from noon, which is what was advertised, to 8:00 PM. That wasn’t much of an issue, because the host did let me know with plenty of time. When I got to the apartment, it was pretty dirty. I let it go because I wasn’t planning on spending much time there; I had the beautiful city of Paris to see. However, it was reflected in my review.

About a week after I rented the apartment I received the following message: “The apartment was dirty, and some of my belongings were touched and damaged. Did you have a party, and did you use my things? Please tell me directly as I would like to settle this with you directly, rather than legally.”

I did not touch any of his belongings nor did I throw a party (I was in a foreign city alone – who would I have had over for a party?) When I told him I did neither of those things and asked for more information, he responded with: “Ok. I must be mistaken. I suggest you change your review or I’ll put a bad one also for you, which is not good for either of us.”

So, first of all, I can only assume he was trying to extort money out of me. But, then he went so far as to try to influence my review? I don’t even know how he saw my review. I thought those were confidential until they were uploaded, to prevent exactly this type of scenario. I know there are worse stories, but it kind of ruined my day.

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  1. I feel your frustration, especially because I know that your bad review of the host will adversely affect you as well — even if he gives you a good review. Given all the bad reviews left by overly picky guests, hosts have begun refusing accommodation to prospective guests that have left bad reviews of other hosts. My rule of thumb is that if an issue isn’t worth bringing up with the host at the time of my stay, then I won’t bring it up in a review.

    BTW, I highly doubt he was trying to hustle you for money. All he is concerned about is your review of him. For all we know, he could have hired a cleaning crew to clean the place before you came and the crew lied to him about how well they did their job. Given that you did not bring the issue up with him while you were there, he may believe in his heart that you were the one responsible for the mess and you are the one trying to extort money out of him.

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