No Better Way to Put it: Airbnb Guest Smelled


I had a guy book for a week in my very nice home since my kids are off in college now. He claimed he worked in accounting at Powell’s Books and was needing a place while he looked for an apartment. From the second he stepped into my home, I knew something was wrong. He was twitchy, awkward, and filthy, smelling of vomit and feces. He had horrible shoes, filthy clothes, no socks, and a trashed suitcase he drug over my good wood floors.

I left the house and called Airbnb. They said that I would be penalized if I cancelled the reservation and they were reaching out to this guy. He promised he’d get to the laundry. I had a sleepless night with the stench in my very clean house. The next day he never left. The stench got worse and worse and he clearly had no job. I left for two hours in the evening and when I returned my bathroom was flooded; glass was all over the floor.

I marched into the room and almost choked. I told him to get out. I called Airbnb and they treated it like it was nothing. I got him out at 1:00 AM and stayed up all night hauling out fouled mattresses and bedding, cleaning up glass and feces. I am on day three with Airbnb and have spoken to no fewer than eight people. They are still not helping me.

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  1. You also brought a creep into a residential neighborhood- I am sure your neighbors love that. Stop putting everyone else at risk with AirBnB’s crappy business model.

  2. That’s what you get when you allow anyone to book. It sounds like this man was either homeless, had health issues or perhaps had an addiction problem, or perhaps all three. I would probably have told him to leave and then quit my hosting account immediately. Why would you even want to deal with this sort of risk?

  3. I ran a bed and breakfast for 30 years and couldn’t begin to list the bedding and towels that were ruined, broken glasses and many other things. I chalked it up to being in BUSINESS and just like a hotel these things go with the territory. I didn’t throw people out or charge them for the towel they destroyed. I also had a fabulous and immaculately clean house. Fortunately these things happen very rarely.

    I once had a guy come to stay who also stank, It was horrific. He had clean clothes and showered every day so obviously he had a health problem. I was gracious and kind but the next two times he called to request a stay I told him we were full. He was really a nice guy. I couldn’t imagine throwing him out and telling him he stank. I’m sure that he knew it.

    So many AIRBNB hosts are completely oblivious when it comes to handling situations like this. I think this “host’ should “retire” immediately. Or go work in a hotel for a few months to learn what hospitality really entails. It isn’t easy money as Airbnb would have you think. The longer you do it the more horror stories you will have especially now that ANYONE can book your place instantly through the APP. Cleaning up shit and blood can be a daily thing. Enjoy!

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