Noise Issue with Greece Airbnb Vacation Home

I am a host and just started a vacation in Greece as a guest a few days ago. Unfortunately, as soon as we arrived we discovered that the place was very, very noisy because it is on a very traffic heavy road, and does not have proper modern windows. We could not sleep and after the first night, decided to change our accommodation, as we could not spend our vacation there.

We immediately contacted the host and Airbnb support to get refunded for the unused nights (we ended up staying for three nights, the time to find another place). The host denied the issue, saying we knew all about the place (which is not true, we knew it was near a street, but nothing was mentioned about the level of noise to expect).

Airbnb support has not been helpful at all so far; for three days they have been asking me to send sound recordings, which I have done, but their email address does not work, and they don’t understand it. The support staff seem to be very weak and unable to help me. I had to cancel my 21 days stay after three nights, and for now I still have to pay for 50% of the remaining 18 days, so we are paying 1700 Euros for three horrible nights.

Please can anyone help – what would you do in this situation to get a refund? Who can I contact at Airbnb to get a serious resolution and refund? Thanks very much.

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  1. I had a similar problem in the US – the place had no AC although it posted it did and the highway noise was so loud left to find an place to stay after only walking into the unit and spent about 10 minutes there – called the host who would refund our money called Airbnb who did not care – never got my money back – could you please email me the name of the place in Athens you stayed – I am looking now for a Sept trip – thanks

    • The support guy finally accessed my recordings and first said he could not do anything, because this is an “external factor” – exactly the words of the host! But this is the point, the host should mention such external nuisances in their description, according to Airbnb guidelines. When challenged, he then said he assessed the noise as “normal” noise of cars passing by… As if we were supposed to sleep right on a road, without any noise isolation! The Airbnb support staff is really offering very poor / non existant support, very disappointing

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