1. I had pretty bad experience with AirBnb.
    Airbnb does not follow the USA and Maine Law.
    Airbnb has terrible customer service practices.

    Read my post “Airbnb’s Questionable Verification Process”


  2. I ‘ve had a pretty bad experience with Airbnb. They do not follow good customer practices.
    They do not follow the Maine and USA laws. I think they have changed for worse. If you have chance read my comments.

  3. I hope that you documented what happened by taking lots of photos so that you have sufficient evidence when you request compensation from Airbnb for incorrectly cancelling your account.

    Send a bill to Airbnb for all costs you’ve had because of the account closure, by registered mail of it can’t be sent online. Your costs include for example:
    * Costs for staying at a comparable place in Savannah during the same dates. If Airbnb ends up refunding your original Airbnb booking, then only request the fare difference from Airbnb.
    * The money that Airbnb was supposed to pay you for your guest’s stay, unless already paid. It’s not your problem if Airbnb had refunded the guest. They still have to pay you.
    * If possible, the costs for fixing your property after the guest messed it up. Depending on what it says in the contract, you may have to seek compensation from the guest instead, which probably means that you’ll get nothing.
    * Lack of income from renting your properties to others, if anything.

    If they’re not paying up, contact a lawyer and see what he’d think about suing Airbnb.

  4. I had a similar although not as bad experience. Within a dozen years as an Airbnb host, and using Airbnb as a renter many times as well.A nightmare guest, Left a five star review.I made a complaint and got paid for some of the damages.My demand for further damages was never Processed. In retaliation, she made a complaint about me and I was deactivated and barred from using Airbnb. Not only the property where she stayed but all my properties were deactivated, and I can’t even do a search on Airbnb or access my past rentals.
    I would love to get together a class action against Airbnb.Would you like to join?

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