LA Apartment Renter Evicted for Hosting on AirBnB

I EVICTED the host from her apartment in Los Angeles, even with rent control, after she refused to stop hosting on Airbnb. She now has an eviction on her record, which stays on her credit for years to come. Her lease states that no subletting is allowed. Although she was able to rent a new place and continue her business there before it hit her credit files, if she has to ever move she will have big issues. Why did I evict? Neither the renter nor AirBnB have the right to profit from my real estate assets, as they have no legal interest in it. It’s also a liability since I was aware of what is going on, and if a crime is committed against another tenant (as AirBnB does no criminal screening at all) by a guest I would be responsible. Lastly, the constant coming and going of the airbnb guests got many of the other residents very upset.

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  1. As a massively frustrated neighbour of an ever growing Airbnb contigent, everyone fails to have any consideration for the other people involved in the situation – those that live full time around these properties – those other people, the ones that didn’t choose Airbnb, yet whose lives are massively affected by it.

    When hosts decide to become hosts, they do so unilaterally. I wasn’t part of that decision making process. I didn’t want to suddenly live underneath an Airbnb apartment after years of a happy life in my home. And I bet all those people defending this company, would also choose not to live in very close proximity to a full time Airbnb unit. Trust me, you’d hate it.

    And there is an issue of responsibility that is all too easy to ignore. If a guest were injured at one of the many parties which have transpired, who is ultimately responsible? I’ve come home on more than one occasion to find policeman on the street outside with kids who had received complaints in the Airbnb flat beside me. It isn’t the guests’ home. They do not own the place. The landlord / property owner would ulitmately be liable.

    I wish my landlord would evict these people Airbnbing flats on my street. In London there is a maximum of 90 days a year. We are coming up to a solid year full time right now in Sept. I’m tired and sick of it. You would be too.

  2. Look, if people want to get into the hotel business, then buy a Marriot Hotel franchise and bust your hump and run the business. But do NOT violate a lease agreement or the zoning laws of the jurisdiction you reside. Thanks to this wonderful website, I will continue to stay in hotels. Airbnb is simply just a hornet’s nest of problems. I do not understand what exactly Airbnb is? They are not craigslist where people simply post classified ads nor are they a hotel operator. So exactly what type of murky undefined business is Airbnb?

    The only way Airbnb can survive is if they hire a huge certification staff who go and out physically inspect and verify all listings to insure zoning laws and lease agreements are not being violated. But Airbnb wants to use advances in computer technology to circumvent laws, regulations and the overall order of things, by wanting the cake and being able to eat it too.

    Airbnb is also a business that encourages people put themselves at danger and to violate laws, regulations and lease agreements.

  3. Dan and Cedric, you are both ignorant little jerks. Of course the property owner holding the deed has the right to evict tenants in violation of the lease and certainly has a duty and interest in protecting her assets. You both must be greedy little “give me, give me I’M ENTITLED BERNIE BOTS! GF YOURSELVES!

    • Hahahaha, what?! I agree that Cedric and Dan are wrong but what the hell happened to the end of your sentence there? Why are you bringing politics into this?

  4. California courts have long recognized that tenent or leases under contract have a legal interest in the property, liability of a crime would fall on the responsible party. Do you present your potential tenants with your criminal background? In this country we are all presumed innocent until proven guilty. California law also recognizes a individual’s right to associate with whom ever they choose. The right to profit from your asset is governed by the terms of the lease or contract. The law may have allowed you to evict for no subletting however the reasons you stated above were not allowable reasons under the LARSO. . Are you getting market value from your asset now? Integrety is a quality that this world lacks. We must all realize that our goals and achievements can be accomplished without taking from one another .Your motives are not just or come from a good place. You leveraged the law for your own personal gain. You acted under the color of law and defrauded the court as to the real reasons for your eviction for the law does not support your motives. You are nothing more than a criminal.

  5. I disagree. If the owner of the property states, up front, that there is no sub-letting allowed then that is that. She agreed to the terms beforehand so it’s petty to say that she is a victim.

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