LA Apartment Renter Evicted for Hosting on AirBnB

I EVICTED the host from her apartment in Los Angeles, even with rent control, after she refused to stop hosting on Airbnb. She now has an eviction on her record, which stays on her credit for years to come. Her lease states that no subletting is allowed. Although she was able to rent a new place and continue her business there before it hit her credit files, if she has to ever move she will have big issues. Why did I evict? Neither the renter nor AirBnB have the right to profit from my real estate assets, as they have no legal interest in it. It’s also a liability since I was aware of what is going on, and if a crime is committed against another tenant (as AirBnB does no criminal screening at all) by a guest I would be responsible. Lastly, the constant coming and going of the airbnb guests got many of the other residents very upset.