Airbnb blocked calendar – reservation glitch

I have a guest attempting to book. Apparently she had paid the cost and completed the process on her end. But there is nothing for me to approve nor can I cancel it. The date is just blocked for no reason. Airb&b give me the run around by email without resolving the problem. I can’t seem to find a phone number to call them. It has been going on for a couple of weeks now. Airbnb is totally unhelpful in resolving what seems like a simple problem in their system. Anyone know of how to unblock a date or have Airbnb’s phone number?

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  1. I had someone try to book a room instant book with an expired drivers license and Airbnb denied them from booking with an expired ID,l. (which is probably for the best, how responsible do you think someone is with an expired ID) anyways they blocked the room for the potiental guest and said they would unblock it the next day, and make the room available. It was a busy weekend and I had the room become available by adjusting a date for a guest since they missed their flight. (I did this at no charge and knew I could rebook the room) So I stayed on Airbnb was very nice and called them and had them get the room available and it was rebooted at a discounted rate and it was booked within an hour.

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