Airbnb has censored my story! This doesn’t surprise me considering they scrubbed the statistics of their recent court ordered data hand over in NYC. They delete my comments off of a TedTalk about trust ! I was an AirbnBeliever before – now I’m just terrified by the agentic protocol and the sociopathic response of my former classmates at Rhode Island School Design : Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky. They are unscrupulous to allow my abusive host to continue using Airbnb 1. After he solicited me for extra money off the platform! & discriminated against my handicaps!! 2. Because Chesky is a Jew and it is disgustingly hypocritical to fund and protect a notorious Holocaust denier and leader of the KKK!!! visit the updated for more . . .

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  1. You have posted– both here and in other forums– the most confusing, repetitious stream-of-conciousness bunch of crap. Can you not just simply state what your problem is with Airbnb in a clear and concise manner, without all the goobledegook and yap-yap-yap “Jew this” and “KKK that”, etc etc? The way you write indicates severe mental problems on your part; in short, you sound like a paranoid nut job. You are impossible to take seriously.

    • Hey Cutie!
      Airbnb does not give a fuck about traveler safety – and only cares about profits.
      Is that dumbed down enough for you?

      I’m wondering what other forums you’re referring to?
      It seems I have a fan 🙂 You’re keeping tabs on me ! Totes adorbs.
      I didn’t know that there were other forums to post this in!
      Please inform me of where I should post it 🙂 I’d love to know.

      I’m sorry that reading is hard for you and if watching TV and drooling is more of your thang.
      My host was a Neo Nazi Incest Porn Producer who extorted me for money.
      Airbnb protected him.

      Airbnb is paranoid – they delete my story.
      If I sounded crazy – they’d leave it up and let me make a fool of myself.

      You’re a sick fuck to troll someone who’s been abused.
      I hope you enjoy hell.


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