Kansas City: Unsafe Airbnb for Single Young Woman

My niece flew to a large city to surprise me for my birthday weekend. My wife had agreed that she could stay in an Airbnb instead of our hotel. I would not have allowed that if I had known. When we went to take my niece to her Airbnb destination I became quite anxious as we passed two streets which my uncle who lived in the city had informed me never to be on or in that neighborhood. The Airbnb room was up a separate stairway on the third floor. The host had to remove a cat from the room with a vacuum cleaner. I begged my niece to bail. She is a 20-something professional and refused.

I asked the host if this was a safe neighborhood and he said yes. I told him my uncle who lives in the City told me to never travel on Troost Avenue as it is not safe. The host admitted Troost a block away was not safe. We started driving to our hotel as it was close to being dark and noticed the gangs coming out on Troost. This location was in the middle of the ghetto. The hotel clerk told me that it would be unsafe for me to drive on Troost or be in that area at night. My wife texted my niece and told her I was upset and quite concerned about her safety and she agreed to come to our hotel in the morning.

After we left the host told her there was no TV as a previous guest had gotten drunk and broken it. The same with the lock that did not work on her door. My niece later revealed that other guests showed up at 2:00 AM on her floor and were quite loud. She obviously was quite frightened since there was no lock on her door. My niece was lucky she did not get raped or murdered.

Parents: please warn your children – especially your daughters – DO NOT stay with Airbnb. Also I did a quick Google search of that address and learned it had a rating of D- and F for crime. That there was an aggravated assault, armed robbery, another assault, car theft, and burglary all in one night near this house. I also learned there were 75 registered offenders within a mile of the address. All the reviews for this address on Airbnb were extremely positive. This would give credence to the theory that Airbnb deletes negative reviews. I find it hard to believe that not one person commented about the clearly apparent, dangerous area where this house was located. Is one’s life not worth more than the $50 a night?

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  1. Report Airbnb to San Francisco BBB. Let them know that they have an A-plus rating because of deceptive practices, in as much as negative reviews are either not permitted or removed. Also ask a national network to do a segment on the underhanded practices of Airbnb.

  2. A woman who wishes to travel alone should do the research of the area. Honestly anyone who’s staying in a place they don’t actually live in should do research… It’s the smart thing to do so a person doesn’t end up in an area they are frightful of being in.

    And I’ll agree airbnb reviews can’t be trusted completely.

  3. “How can a woman in her twenties not research an area that she’s going to stay in?”

    I’m shocked! Shocked! You’re blaming the victim?? If a young man were to do this, he’d be expelled from the university by the Local Council on Political Correctness.

    And to boot, you ask “why, just because this one place was in a rough location, are ALL Airbnb accommodations bad?” I’d say it’s because the man isn’t saying all locations are bad. He’s just saying Airbnb reviews are not to be trusted…….but I don’t want to be politically incorrect, so I won’t say that lest you accuse me of some sort of ethnic insensitivity.

  4. How can a woman in her twenties not research an area that she’s going to stay in? Why does she not travel with a portable lock? Why didn’t you, as a local, research the area in advance for her? And why, just because this one place was in a rough location, are ALL Airbnb accommodations bad?

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