Host didn’t answer the door when I arrived at midnight

I booked a ferry set to arrive at an island at about 8:00 PM. I noted this when booking my reservation. Two days before I was supposed to arrive, the host asked me to confirm my arrival time. I thought that my message went through, but apparently the wifi didn’t load and the message didn’t send. Regardless, the host didn’t ask for a follow up and I assumed that he knew and all was well (the listing noted that the check-in time was flexible).

My ferry ended up running three hours late. I let my host know as soon as I could… and then I realized that my initial message didn’t go through. There was no response from the host during the three-hour ferry ride. I got to the apartment at midnight, but no one was there. I had to show up at a random hostel to find a place to stay. It was not a great situation to be in as a young solo female traveler. My host said that he assumed I was no longer coming because I didn’t respond to the message. I asked the host if he could refund my stay. He hasn’t responded. Is there anything I can do about this or do I just have to cut my losses?

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  1. You don’t consider you are responsible for this outcome?? What the hell is the host to do? You said you hadn’t realised your initial message did NOT go through….messages always go through or, you get a message that says ‘could not send’….so don’t try that one on! And you expect the host to be a mind-reader and hang around on a twenty four hour basis at the front door on the odd chance you may actually show up.
    Jeezus guests like you give me the shits, you are what makes hosting just not worth while. We try our guts out to give a nice experience, and entitled pricks like you think that it is all about you and you can stuff a host around and then turn around and not only blame the host but expect a refund.
    By God, I hope you never see my site! If I was that host I would flag you and get you removed from the platform. We genuinely want to provide nice experiences! Out of 190 stays I have 167 5 star reviews and 11 4 star reviews, I am proud out what I do, and I can’t tell you how much effort I put into hosting! But you mate, you had better make yourself scarce around thanksgiving… are a prime turkey!

  2. Try to get some refund, it’s the only way. Usually they don’t refund money but perhaps code. Often they think all is guests fault, depends who is your customer service worker at the time.

  3. communication is the worst why would the host need to pay for your mistake? Guests need to share when they arrive eg flight # Ferry time so we can figure out your arrival. This is not a 24 hour hotel its somebody’s home.

  4. Why didn’t you notify Airbnb within 24 hours that accommodation was not available and included a copy of your hostel invoice? Indeed, now you’re simply regarded as a now-show and not entitled to anything…..

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