Hosts Beware: The Host Guarantee is a Crock

911 to all hosts: a must read. I had a $42,000 claim due to damages to my newly renovated $400,000 home. These Airbnb guests were the first people in the home since its purchase. They carved into furniture; two large dogs were brought into the home destroying furniture, carpets doors, paint, and more. Upon discovering this, I had the guests removed. I immediately filed a claim with Airbnb and their $1,000,000 guarantee. I was told that the insurance team would be in touch within three days.

After five days with no answer, I began calling and emailing, again with no response. When I called, they told me that they had everything they needed and they don’t know why there is a delay. Still, there is no substance to their promises or guarantees. This went on for three months. I had to pay out of pocket to repair and replace everything in the entire house that I had only finished remodeling and furnishing a month before.

After three months I received an email stating I had 72 hours to respond or the offer will be withdrawn. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I was forced to accept a disrespectful amount to cover at least some of my losses. I have since watched Airbnb Nightmares on Netflix and have learned Airbnb has a history of not paying its hosts for damages by the guests. We are business partners and I have been a Superhost for over 2 1/2 years. Why would they not compensate me for these damages? Hosts beware.


*****Update 10/17/2018******

Boynton homeowner takes on Airbnb over damage
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  1. I am going through an issue now after a guest put a 7 inch hole in my bathtub. I build my house in Vermont about 5 years ago so everything is relatively new. My quote from a contractor is $3500 to replace the tub and Airbnb is questioning why it would be so much to replace a simple tub. Really? Sheet rock, painting, tile, plumbing, materials, etc. Doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. I agree with the time delays too. You cannot use a tub with a hole and I can’t have people renting as a result. I am still waiting for about a month now and getting so frustrated. They won’t even give me the security deposit that I require. I bare all the risk and they manage all the money. Seems a bit one sided. Certainly not a partnership. I am thinking of requiring a separate fee in place of a security deposit and then I would have the control to return it. Has anyone taken that approach? I would like to hear how that has worked.

    • Pat, It is forbidden by Airbnb.
      They want to keep control on money.
      They will close you account if they know that you ask a deposit outside of their system.
      What would you do if the guest refuse to give a deposit directly to you? Canceling? And you will be punished.

      Airbnb respects its conditions as it pleases.
      This is not a partnership, hosts are employee with no protection and false promises.

  2. How in the fuck is AIRBNB still in business?? This company is worse than the mob !! How come governing cities realize that AIRBNB is like BACKPAGE?? This is a payment proccesing center with FANCY window dressing…..

  3. I had two meth addicts trash my apt and spray foam a wall ( must of been tweeking pretty bad).
    I uploaded pictures of the damaged wall, spray foam can, and an estimated $75 repair cost. I then uploaded a mug shot and booking info of the woman guest who had been arrested just 15 days earlier for “poss of control substance”.
    After a month of being told that they were working on a resolution Airbnb emailed me a two line response that my case was closed and no further communication would be possible. They offered no explanation as to why.
    I then called their customer service dept to notify them that they woman who had booked the apt had changed her account information; Her first name went from Misty to Kayleigh and her picture was now a different woman.
    Customer service then informed me that this was totally acceptable as a guest is allowed to change their name and picture.

  4. Had a $1943.00 claim they offered $39.00 got nothing from them. Better yet the guest threatened us left a bad review and airbnb always has it as the 3rd comment? Perhaps its punishment? We don’t get as many bookings thank god for HomeAway and .Oddly I mentioned they are losing money because of it.They just don’t care.I just don’t under stand.

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