Hookers right outside the door of my Airbnb


I rented a place. I was there for just a few minutes before contacting the host and telling him we need to talk. There were hookers outside the door and the people upstairs sounded like they were a stomp dance group. The host told me if I went on my app and just hit cancel he would return all the money if I left. I canceled and left as fast as I could. He lied and kept well over two nights’ worth of payment when I was there for five minutes total.

I opened a case about it and when I started asking how he was getting away with this, the conversation quickly ended. I left an honest review about “hooker hell” and it was pulled down because of the “refund motive”. So now other people, possibly with their child or children like I was, are being put in a bad situation. I have asked repeatedly for a link for my honest review and have been ignored.

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  1. It was $50 a night but ya I should have known when the address was on Droullard Rd in Windsor Ontario. That road has been the same since I was a kid. The only difference is the hookers are old as hell now. (Lol). It was actually worse than the pictures. I ended up getting my money back after going through 2 airbnb case managers one finally refunded me after a hell of a fight about it. That was my first time ever using airbnb and I never will again. I’m a hotel person usually but i thought … what the hell, I’ll try it. Big mistake!!!

  2. $38 a night??? For that price I would expect a complete and utter dump. The pictures scream dump.

    In seconds I was able to find the Best Western on the waterfront for $81. Good reviews, breakfast, parking etc etc. Of course as I said in my last post you should always call the property directly to get the best price/room. Presumably they have a 24 hour front desk and the typical hotel security should your neighbors get “rambunctious.”

    From what I have read you need to ditch Airbnb in favor of booking.com or VRBO. You hardly ever read anything bad about them. With Airbnb every weekend seems to bring drug fueled ragers that end in gunfire. Especially lately. I am a hotel person myself and just need a room to sleep. I also like having some service when I travel ie. tidied room, smiles at the desk and the opportunity to interact with other humans is always nice.

    I know lots of people who do short term rental and they avoid Airbnb like the plague. Terrible for guests who run into trouble and bad for hosts that have to pick up the pieces when their properties are destroyed which seems to happen quite a bit.

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