Cancelled our booking within 24 hours of check in

We booked an Airbnb months ago in NYC, very close to where my husband was to be a groomsman in a wedding. With less than 24 hours to check-in, we received a cancellation notice without any explanation from the host. After a frantic, stressful search, we found another property on HomeAway (a competitor). When we called Airbnb, they basically shrugged their shoulders, gave us a refund, offered us a $60 credit if we booked within the next month… and deleted all of our communication with the host.

What is that about? We wanted to write a negative review of the host to keep people away from them, but Airbnb would not allow us to. It makes me wonder if this is common practice by Airbnb in order to limit the number of negative reviews to keep people using the site. We won’t use them again.

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  1. We had a situation with screaming kids from 6am in the morning non stop until 9 am .We then returned exhausted to take a nap and the screaming started again .We contacted the host but they did not take any action .We then decided to leave the place and get to a hotel instead and we lost over 500 pounds. The listing was misleading as it claimed that they had disclosed potential for noise however it also led the customer to believe that they did everything to minimise the noise which was not true since the kids were right outside the studio screaming and crying ..After I receive a communication for feedback where I describe factually what happened (I had recorded the noise and sent it as evidence ) only to find out that Airbnb had decided to delete my feedback which then explained all the positive reviews left for that host. I asked what was the number of disputes with the listing but they refused to disclose that! In my opinion this all stinks and it is a case for the courts ..

  2. That’s a shitty situation.

    The host does get penalized for cancelling a booking. It will say under their reviews “host cancelled reservation 24 hrs before check in” which other guests can see. It also
    goes against their super-host status. If a host cancels more than 3 bookings a year, they lose their status.

    Thankfully you were able to find a new accommodation! 🙂

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