Airbnb Host Abusing Power as Police Officer


The story begins in December 2018. I booked a four-week stay in an annex attached to a house in an area I had spent part of my childhood, with my four-month pregnant wife. The host lived overseas and was co-hosted by a family who were quite noisy and very closed off.

We arrived at the beginning of the month and for two weeks every night was full of disturbances and parties. Then one evening, on a Saturday, the co-host had a party. I wrote a message on WhatsApp to ask him to keep the noise down. As you will see the situation escalated from there with antisemitic abuse to my wife and me, as well as anti-Muslim rhetoric.

The next day the situation became worse. They used the police to intimidate us, by falsely arresting my wife (the charges later dropped). My wife was assaulted in the police station, as the co-host was (as I later found out) a police officer who even harasses people who live on the street on which the property was located.

The message I sent to Airbnb is below. Nothing has been rectified. Multiple complaints and lawsuits were filed to the police and they covered up the incident. My wife, upon returning home, miscarried, on top of the fractured wrist and leg, multiple lacerations, and the continued antisemitic abuse she she suffered while in custody by the police. I attached multiple photos of her injuries and the abusive messages the co-host sent.

As you will see above, in regards to the actions taken by the co-host and his family and using the police to harass and assault my pregnant Jewish wife, find attached the racist messages received the day before from the co-host after I requested some peace and quiet, and also the photos of the beating by the police on my wife, this has gone far more now than just a simple civil disagreement. As it was explained to you the constant intrusion by the co-host and his family for the period we were resident in the property, my wife miscarried and lost our child, and under the laws of her home country, and that of the EU, this will be deemed a criminal offence committed by Airbnb and the co-host as well as the police officer who was sequestered by the co-host to cause harm to a pregnant woman.

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  1. @OP Here, My Wife passed away 3 days ago, her condition was severe, and coupled that she recently Caught COVID-19 she passed with multiple organ failure after 16 months since the assault, and still Airbnb refuses to acknowledge their wrongdoing, and the Police Force who the co-host works for covered up the assault and Murders of my Wife and Child.

  2. What a racist piece of Sh!t. I am So sorry to you and your wife for the loss of your child. I couldn’t even imagine the pain your family is going though. I hope someone does some jail time over this!! I hope karma catches up with him real soon! My heart goes out to you and your wife!

  3. Actually no. How about the guest in Australia that was killed by his Airbnb “host” over less than $200 last year? Beaten to death and raped with an object. He was found face first in a chocolate cake in the front yard of the place by the cops. Fortunately the host was found guilty.
    Of course this story is horrific and hopefully someone is getting sued. These poor people!
    The absolute lack of screening and quality control will always keep me from using Airbnb.
    Horrible company!

  4. This is the worst example of hosting I have seen on this site, and very sorry to hear about the miscarriage.

    Please update us with any progress.

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