Filth and Infestations at New York Airbnb Home

No more Airbnb-hosted homes for us. Although there are good clean places out there, we’ve had two ghastly experiences in two months. Airbnb refuses to post honest reviews, only five-star reviews. Avoid this Airbnb in Wynantskill, NY at all costs. We found the bedroom and bathroom filthy and extremely bug infested.

Food scraps, hair, bugs, and dirt were on both the floors and walls. Grime was on the door handles, toothpaste was splattered on the sink, counter, and bathroom mirror, and stains were on the carpet. The pillow cases and bed sheets were terribly stained and even had holes worn through them. The bath towels and washcloths were also badly stained. They looked as though they had been rags taken from a trash can. The place had the odor of a men’s locker room. I wouldn’t let my dog stay in such a filthy place.

Had it not been late and storming when we arrived, we would have never stayed. As it was, we found some Lysol cleaner and wiped down the tub and other bathroom fixtures. Then we went about trying to kill as many of the bugs on the walls, curtains, floor, and bed as we could. The host was not there. Her father let us in. He said that his daughter was renting out the bedroom just long enough to pay for her new Jeep. This is our second bad experience with renting through Airbnb in two months. When we spoke to their representatives the last time, we got nowhere. Never again.

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  1. To Al and Nellie, the original poster stated quite clearly that they arrived at the Airbnb property late on a stormy night and I think it was for an overnight stay so, realistically, from the original poster’s point of view, there would not have been time for Airbnb to swoop down and rescue them from what was, after all, falsely advertised accommodation on the Airbnb website. .

    Do either of you have any factual, personal experience of turning up at an Airbnb listing which, in reality, was such a horrible place to the extent that you contacted the host who was of no assistance whatsoever then you contacted Airbnb and they relocated you with professional alacrity? Just curious.

  2. I was curious to see the listing and others reviews but it seems when following the link you gave that it has already been removed (hopefully by airbnb)

    Anyway if the place was that bad I would not even think of sleeping there and call Airbnb right away, they would cancel the resevation and help finding a new place.

  3. As it says on your booking confirmation if there are problems with your Airbnb contact the host first to try and rectify and if you can’t they will cancel the booking give you a full refund and help you find somewhere else. Did you do this?

    What sort of Airbnb’s are you staying in. Do you look for long established hosts who are superhosts or have five start ratings with great reviews? If so, this shouldn’t be happening.

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