Bullied by Terrible Guest and Case Managers


A guest from Seattle booked a room for one person at my home. As soon as he arrived, he invited his “daughter” over pretty much all the time against my rules and wishes. They both took over my home. When he left, huge amounts of used wrappers of drugs (Viagra/Cialis) fell out of his personal trash and the sheets were soiled. The creepy guest was holed up in my house all day and running around half naked in a bathrobe. I was very upset about the sexual activity so opened a resolution case to at least address the soiled sheets and other issues regarding this guest’s terrible behaviour.

The first case manager gave me the run around. A week later I followed up and a new case manager responded and tried to close the case in minutes without looking at anything and using very poor English. When I asked to speak to a supervisor and to complain, he told me he was in charge and refused to engage further.

I am surprised that Airbnb employs such poorly trained case managers who cannot write. I am saddened that I spoke up about guest abuse and was mistreated by the guest and then by Airbnb bullies. The customer service people were nice and understanding but when it came to the case managers, they just don’t care.

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  1. That case manager message was so bad, it’s quite scary to see that Airbnb employs somone writing an email like that. I noticed on my side sometimes I get extraudinary support from their case managers and sometimes it just look like they shouldn’t do that job but I was never denied talking to a supervisor if I needed extra support. I don’t know how their structure works but it feels like we can get support from anyone around the world, I had people from France or Asia calling or writing (yours seems from Italy) and they sometimes were not even aware about the time difference we have…

    I also had a guest who brought a sexdate whilst my policy clearly stated it’s not possible to bring extra guest. I just texted him to remind him about the policy and explained why I apply that policy. He apologized, didn’t do again and still left me a 5* review. But I mentioned it in his review.

    I think instead of waiting and getting frustrated about the situation you should have told him right away that it’s not ok and why (In a friendly message). Also when a guest break a rule you have the right to kick him out. And regarding the viagra, although it’s gross it’s not a big deal, not like if he trashed your place

  2. A host canceled because they wanted to break their rules and sleep four people in what they advertised as a two person unit…
    Leaving me with no place to stay three days before traveling to a major US city where all the hotels were booked already due to two large conferences
    The case managers sent me listings that were not available
    The case managers sent me listings that had horrible comments
    The case managers never sent me an equivalent to my cancelled reservation because they were too expensive
    The manager asked me if I was an grown woman and asked if I could use the computer like everyone else who is grown
    The manager continued to patronize me, insult me and treat me like I was an idiot- Jim was his name- I would be very surprised if his name is actually Jim.
    I spent three days, 25 phone calls and 8 hours on the phone with Airbnb
    I am a superhost or was
    I blocked the remaining months on my calendar so that I can end my term as an Airbnb host
    Airbnb will make no more money from me
    I was treated like I was not worthy or intelligent
    I finally gave up, completely and utterly ashamed of the name Airbnb which I had previously held with such high regard in my own desire to create a nice place to stay for people visiting my hometown.
    I gave up on finding a replacement for the canceled reservation
    I booked a hostel

  3. Tbat’s the kind of nosy hosts airbnb allows on their platform. Going through a guest’s trash? That’s a case for a shrink.

  4. I don’t believe there is anything special about a “case manager”. The person I spoke with this weekend didn’t know anything about Airbnb policies, because there aren’t any other than: you’re on your own. The entire operation has zero to do with customer service. It’s just a platform. Use at your own risk.

  5. Is your space shared or guest’s have private living quarters? You don’t mention, yet it makes for huge difference.

    Walking around a shared space in old man bathrobe with it all hanging out = creepy.
    But in his own space? The dress code is go to hell, I’ll wear whatever makes me comfortable attire.

    So the guest broke your house rules in having another guest over – big red check against breaking house rules at feedback time.

    But did you also mention it to him at the time? Most people wouldn’t then continue to flaunt that knowing they’re breaking the rules. More fodder for a scathing review if so. He would last exactly 5 minutes on airbnb trying to find a future host to have him after that.

    Really, it probably would have been wiser to take photos of the damaged sheets (yuck) and put in a claim for them if a hot wash didn’t sort them out first, though you would also know that damaged linen is part and parcel of hosting on airbnb, no matter how it comes to be soiled.

    Completely unwise to go through bin (shared space or not) and hold it up and say “see!” to make your point. What guest would want to book a stay with a host that thinks nothing of putting up the photo and identity of a guest to shame them in a public manner? He didn’t trash the place and leave with all your valuables. He wasn’t shooting up illicit drugs. You’ve invaded a person’s right to privacy and shamed them with evidence of completely legal medication. Seriously? You’re going to be de-listed in 3-2-1.

  6. A half-naked guy running around your house whilst having his “daughter” visit him?! Why didn’t you call the police? Something is fishy here.

  7. I had a recent experience with a rogue guest who wanted a free stay and treatened to report assault bringing a strongman along. I reported to airbnb immediately. No one responded to me from their side. In the meanwhile, when I refused to pay the guest started to put pressure by approaching AirBnB. now I was bullied by their customer services officer Lane in addition.
    Please be aware and boycott AirBnB!

    • I had a similar experience. Been a host for a few years. The company is so arrogant. Hope someone comes up with an alternative

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