Drunk Airbnb Guest Wandering the Neighborhood

Last night, at 10:30 PM, a truck drove down the driveway, past my bedroom, and into my backyard where I have my collection of older Mercedes Benz automobiles. The passenger hopped out of the truck, peed, and began asking direction to his Airbnb which, I just discovered, is next door. He, and his truck, had to be chased out of my yard with an electric baton (taser device). He left swearing and I called 911.

The funny thing is that I am one of the rare people in this exceptionally rural area who does not keep a gun at my bed. The guests were lucky to have gone down my driveway instead of another’s. Now, because I am unhappy about a drunk peeing in my back yard in the middle of the night, I get to become the neighbor from hell.

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  1. In response to the person who commented on my earlier post… the wild party that took place at the air bnb next door when our privacy fence was destroyed, several neighbors on our street contacted police to complain about the music, shouting, & fighting taking place that night. Our police dept consists of 3 persons all of whom are as useful as wet Kleenex in an emergency. They are great at handling parking violations or barking dog complaints but that’s about it. Regarding the elderly couple who I discovered occupying my porch swing & who tried to enter my home…assaulting them seemed excessive so I simply argued with them until I convinced them to leave. We DO have security cameras as well as motion lights & an alarm system. At the time of these events I offered to provide video of these events to the police dept, air bnb owners & air bnb customer service. Unfortunately no one mentioned above has seen fit to take any action about this. The one good thing now is that due to the covid-19 virus both air bnb properties have been vacant & at least my family can enjoy some peace during this otherwise tragic time.

  2. Sara Brunswell, are you saying that perfect strangers just go into your fenced in yard and sit on your porch and try to come into your house, and this has happened more than once.Do you not have police in your area, because if someone does that the police would have been able to go next door and arrest them. I think I know why BnB didnt do anything though, because its so unbelievable. Might I suggest cameras, they will detour people from doing things they shouldnt, plus provide proof when needed.And then tell your husband to get a bat.

    • Both my husband & myself are gun owners. However shooting an elderly couple for sitting on my porch swing seems excessive. Police were called by several different neighbors for the loud party which resulted in my fence being destroyed, however, ” barney fife” as usual did nothing ( we have a 3 person police department who are as useful as wet Kleenex) I reccomend in future not referring to people who post their experiences here as liars. That’s really rude. Yes we have cameras & a very good quality security system. Thank you for your comments & I hope you never have an air bnb next door to you.

  3. I’d want the guy who was drunk as a neighbor far before someone who reacts to a random urinator by going after him with an electric baton. That’s a bit over the top in my opinion.

  4. You will find the Super Host will damn you to hell and back in the neighbourhood …. but it doesn’t take much time before the Airbnb will start upsetting the locals in small ways and the tide reverses on to the Super Host … keep faith …. its an incredibly long and arduous journey once you’ve got an Airbnb alongside you …

  5. I understand completely how you feel. I have the great misfortune to live in a home with air bnb properties on both sides of mine. In self defense my husband & I built a 6′ privacy fence around our property to keep out the free range drunken idiots but to no avail. The ” guests” arriving for the air bnb properties routinely enter our yard, through the gate ( which is clearly posted with no trespassing signs) & roam around our yard, make themselves at home on our porch furniture & attempt to enter our home itself. I have been yelled at by guests when told they have the wrong address & may not enter my home & on one memorable occasion during a wild drug & alcohol fueled party next door the intoxicated ” guests” destroyed the fence we installed to protect our property. Air bnb was useless refusing to respond to my complaint as was the owner of that property. My husband & I are at our wits end.

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