Charged for a Private Single Bedroom I Didn’t Book

I never completed confirmation for my booking and obviously did not stay at the property. However, I was charged almost $90 Canadian. There seems to be two hosts affiliated with this property and they seem to be playing tag with each other, claiming the “main” host is not getting back to the one that has responded to me.

It would appear that he has many positive reviews so I am not sure why there is such a delay or hesitation to resolve this matter. I’m sure many of you can relate when you are traveling on a budget and cannot deal with having nearly $90 CAD removed from your bank account without a reason.

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  1. Not necessarily. I researched various properties in Austin and ended up booking one. Somehow Airbnb also booked me into another one for the same exact dates. So a double booking. Time stamp showed the one I didn’t book came 8 minutes after the first one. Never received a message on the booking. Airbnb customer service is no help.

  2. If you were charged, you got to the check-out page, noted the charges, accepted them and hit submit! You have to understand there is not a room full of people accepting bookings. With up to 2 million per night, the system is automated and operates to certain protocols, and I can positively state, if you were charged, you accepted the invitation to submit a booking and proceeded and the automated system took care of it from there. The host/s had nothing to do with it, you entered a contract with Airbnb!

    Airbnb are guilty of lots of things which offend both hosts and guests….. but fraud is not one of them.
    Please bare in mind that many people who read this site have a substantive knowledge of how the platform runs, and to blame the host or the platform for a mistake you made does not reflect well on you!

  3. I don’t think you understand how it works, and something isn’t quite right here. If you never completed confirmation for a booking, then the host never got paid for it and it’s no use contacting the host, you have to contact Airbnb. However, I’m betting you did complete the booking, possibly without knowing it, and then didn’t show up. In that case, I doubt you’ll be getting any money back.

  4. If you were charged for your booking that means the booking was confirmed.

    Airbnb customer service are the ones responsible for guest payments, not the host. You need to contact Airbnb customer service directly about your issue since they are the ones who deal with the payments 🙂

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