Drug Traffickers use Airbnb Hosts’ Addresses

My last guest was using a name that was not his real name. How he can use a different name from the verified one? He also didn’t have a picture on his profile, but he had mostly good reviews. He booked for two nights. He arrived late the first night and early the next day I had the police at my door with a big FedEx box. The police were part of the Package Interdiction Team; they showed me the closed package with my address on it and the guest’s first name. They asked my permission to enter my house and locate the guest. They brought the guest downstairs, opened the box in front of him, and it was full of drugs. The guest was arrested. The police said this was happening a lot: drug dealers were using Airbnb to do the trafficking, so they could use temporary addresses. I had to deal with returning the guest’s rental car, which was also a nightmare. I reported this incident to Airbnb and never got a call back from them.

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  1. fuck that sucks..and btw I never heard of airbandb until long story short some neighbor who happens to be a drug dealer and busted for possession with intent to sell started renting out on airnandb very frequently after getting arrested probably to pay his bail and a real lawyer.
    also another acquaintance who works in the pharmaceutical trade industry knew all about airbandb.
    for every great idea comes a bad idea to use the good ideas as a front , a cover up. truly sad we still havent evolved out of the Adam and Eve story.

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