Serious Injury and Unable to Travel, Ignored by Airbnb

I had an accident and was seriously injured in February. On March 11th I advised a host  that we would need to cancel our trip planned for April 29th. I provided a medical note supporting our claim. I also asked for a full refund as I qualified for a refund under extenuating circumstances. The host ignored my emails and refunded only 50% of my payment; he didn’t even bother to respond. I asked Airbnb to get involved and support my request. I have heard nothing so far. As a result of my injury I will be operated upon soon and my recovery may take up to eight months. I gather Airbnb doesn’t care to comply with their own policies. I am still hoping to get a refund. This is one disappointed client.

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  1. Inability to travel is a valid Guest Isdue. Did you contact the Resolution Center? I’m sure they can give you a full refund. It’s in their policy.

  2. Did you contact Airbnb withe the extenuating circumstances argument or just the host? From my experience Airbnb are great at providing refunds if you go through the proper channels. Sounds like you just approached the host?

  3. Forget it. You will Never get any refund for Airbnb. There policy seems to be keep the money at all costs. They will simply run you around for months using off-shore philippino call center operators to ateempt tp appease you verbally. In other words. Your money is Gone. You have been airbnbed to death.

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