AirBNB – WORST COMPANY (and customer service) of ALL TIME

I’ve had SEVEN, count that SEVEN experiences with AirBNB customer service. They have the worst customer service you could possibly imagine. They are getting worse and worse and worse. Last night I was locked out of the reservation I arrived at and was supposed to be staying at for 11 nights when I arrived late. I stood outside in the cold for 2 hours and then was told that I had to get a motel with my own credit card and ask for a refund after the fact. When I told them I wanted a refund because under no circumstances would I pay to be locked out in the cold in the middle of the night and then have to rent a room, they WITHHELD $100 FROM ME IN THE REFUND. In otherwords, they MADE ME PAY $100 TO BE LOCKED OUT IN THE COLD WITH NOWHERE TO STAY FOR 2 HOURS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. They refused to do anything else.

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  1. You were late. You need to communicate these things with your host. They cant wait around all night for you. Can’t think if any listing that lets you check-in “In the middle of the night”. They are not going to send you money for a hotel, until you actually book one because how do they know you actually paid for one and didn’t pocket the money. Common sense.

  2. Maybe if the guest was able to communicate with the host upfront, they could have been resolved. Trying to keep an owner and traveler from communicated with each other is the worst business practice.

    These companies can be successful if they created a marketplace and not a place to do transactions with individual owners.

    If airbnb wants to control every transactions, then they should go buy properties instead of getting in the business of owners.

    The company has no common sense and their investors should be worried. There are no barriers to entry in this space and copy cat sites are popping up everywhere.

  3. No offense but if you were late and didn’t communicate it with the host it is entirely your fault. You’re lucky the host didn’t have a strict policy otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten anything back

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