AirBNB – WORST COMPANY (and customer service) of ALL TIME

I’ve had SEVEN, count that SEVEN experiences with AirBNB customer service. They have the worst customer service you could possibly imagine. They are getting worse and worse and worse. Last night I was locked out of the reservation I arrived at and was supposed to be staying at for 11 nights when I arrived late. I stood outside in the cold for 2 hours and then was told that I had to get a motel with my own credit card and ask for a refund after the fact. When I told them I wanted a refund because under no circumstances would I pay to be locked out in the cold in the middle of the night and then have to rent a room, they WITHHELD $100 FROM ME IN THE REFUND. In otherwords, they MADE ME PAY $100 TO BE LOCKED OUT IN THE COLD WITH NOWHERE TO STAY FOR 2 HOURS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. They refused to do anything else.

Waiting in the cold for a host that did not turn up

I booked three weeks of a room in London way in advance. Yesterday, I turned up there as the host said I can check it a 8 pm. Yes, it was late, and I did not like it very much because it was in Greater London, and took a long time to get there. Then when I arrived there, right on time, nobody was there. So I waited, it was very unpleasant, also very cold, and I felt unsafe (am female, and when you are not in one of the busy areas of London at night, it is not a good experience at all). A bit after one hour of waiting, I was too scared, and decided to look for another accommodation, so it took me over an hour to get into the centre of London (also cost me lots of money travelling there and back again). The host THEN contacted me (as I left a note in the letter box). Said she got held up by traffic (which is a joke because she also used the buses, like me, and there were NO issues, hardly any traffic in that area at all). And now she does not want to refund me my money.