Airbnb Host Unfair to Same-Sex Couples?

I recently requested and booked a one-night stay at a place in Anaheim. I messaged the host asking if he could accommodate me and my girlfriend for April 15th and check out on the 16th, to which his response the next morning after was an apology, stating it was two nights minimum. This was false. On his profile of the guest suite, it states one night minimum.

I’ve read plenty of reviews from other guests who were able to book a one-night stay at his place with no problems. I feel like this host is BSing and don’t want to host a lesbian couple.

The next morning, I looked at his listing and the 16th was booked. That was only one night. I called Airbnb’s specialist team and also messaged them the complaint. I am waiting to hear back from the case manager. This frustrates me because I have good reviews on my end and no reports of being a bad guest.

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  1. Don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions. The host can have different settings for different dates, or as mentioned it could be a glitch the system, sometimes the system does not always update, or they may have to have work done in the unit on that day, or a whole other plethora of reasons as to why they couldn’t host you for that date. Airbnb takes discrimination quite seriously, which all hosts know very well, so if they have loads of positive reviews, then they are serious hosts and would never risk being deactivated due to discrimination. If they did decide they don’t want you personally as a guest, then it could be because of the types of reviews you have left in the past, or you may have lowered stars from a previous host (which you as a guest cannot see). Of course there are awful bigots in this world, but discrimination is illegal in most instances and is also a serious violation of the terms of service of airbnb, and therefore not something to be alleging against someone’s small business, if you aren’t absolutely certain.

  2. I think this is a glitch in their system. I have experienced the same and ABB customer service has admitted to it being a glitch and the rep checked on the availability for me.

    But let me tell you something, a good majority of the reps are completely incompetent. BUT, I had a good outcome with one. From the responses, the reps online didn’t even bother to read my emails as they responded with irrelevant bs. So, I went on to BBB and complained about their customer service and in the section that asks what you want to happen, I pretty much said for someone just to read my email and give an explanation instead of copy and pasting scripts. A week later someone from their corporate office contacted me and gave me a full refund for the hassle. Pretty much this bloke lied in his review of me and I showed the reps our text messages which proved he lied and they allowed the review to remain. The review is still up, but it won’t hurt me because I am not using their service anymore. In Vegas you can pay $90 for a nasty ABB room, or $90 for Super 8 or Motel 6 that is cleaner.

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