Airbnb Guests Destroy Neighbors’ Property


The house next door has been an Airbnb property for about a year. Until last weekend it wasn’t a problem. I arrived home from work on Saturday afternoon to discover that a large section of privacy fence that my husband and I had installed to divide the properties had been destroyed. This damage apparently occurred during the very large, very loud party that went on there over the entire weekend. I have attempted to contact both Airbnb and the property owners but have so far not gotten anywhere. I guess the next step will be to get a lawyer.

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  1. I have recently had similar damage to my fence from guests at AirBnb next door. Even have a video of their car backing into my fence. Haven’t gotten anywhere with the ‘host’ who lives out of state — nor from AirBnb bureaucracy thus far. Did you ever reach any resolution? Do you have any suggestions on how I might proceed? Thanks

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