Airbnb Deletes Negative Reviews, Favors Hosts

Just finished reviewing a host yesterday after our stay in LasVegas( Henderson area), there are 3 parts to the review,

part 1) what you liked most about your stay

part 2) what you didn’t like about your stay

part 3) what improvements can the host make to raise your satisfaction.

All of the last two (negative) parts get deleted from the review and only what you LIKED gets shown on the Airbnb website, leaving dangerous, critical faults hidden from the future guests.  Airbnb says they pride themselves for transparency and free speech, so it is ironic that they dismiss the very motto they preach. Every false accusation and statement from the host gets to be shown though, and then when you write to Airbnb asking them to delete or edit to be fair, they say it does not violate their review policy and is the ‘perceived personal experience of the host’ although you have written communication proving of its falsehood.

The host can also change their cancellation and extra fee policy after the booking from easy to strict forcing you to loose most to all of your money or just stay even though you want to cancel! The pictures can include pools and other amenities even though they don’t disclose the closure and/or not having access to fitness room. This is fraudulent business and unethical. I will never book from this site again and will tell all my friends to never do so either.

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  1. I booked with them once a few years ago.Never again. My review was almost entirely positive except for one issue. The host retaliated and wrote how we had left the place a huge mess. I wrote the AirBnB with references from other places saying how clean we had left the place. They then removed the host’s review and mine, instead of disciplining the host for lying. He is still on AirBnB. I will never book with them again because I see they have still not changed their ways.

  2. Private feedback paragraphs are not seen In a review. If you had something negative to share, the place to have written it was actual module for review. The rest is designed for backend and clearly stated as such on top of each box.

  3. No, sorry, I wish the hosts could delete negative reviews, but that’s absolutely not true, even when the interviews are complete lies. I had two horrible reviews from guests who were very upset that I didn’t want to extend their stay beyond a month, so they said my place was unclean, I was a vulture… If the place was so unclean, why were they begging me to stay long term????
    But Airbnb refuses to take any reviews down even if they’re a pack of lies.

  4. Airbnb claims they are honest, but it is clear, their hosts can delete negative reviews. The illegal Airbnb rental across the street did it. I was giddy to finally see a negative review one night. Bur the next day it was gone! The evil host took me to court and lost the case against me. She was trying to seek revenge on me for reporting her to the City. I was so glad she got a negative review.

    She is the one breaking the law, and so is Airbnb.

  5. Do you really think that anybody at airbnb is interested in negative reviews? It is their business to publish only well rated apartements!

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