Rudest and least sympathetic host!!!


I went to the snow and saved my little brother from hitting a tree, in doing so I suffered multiple rib contusions and could not go on my next Airbnb trip. I told the host ASAP, and she booked those nights the second I cancelled. She could’ve refunded in full with no harm to her, yet she was greedy and very rude. When a similar instance involving me getting in a crash happened last year, the host changed his policy and refunded me in full. She was not willing to do so, and so I had to contact airbnb and do this the long way WHILE recovering. She told me to contact airbnb and leave her alone. HORRIBLE customer service! I would not recommend this host to anyone and it makes airbnb look bad overall. I will probably just stick to hotels from now on so that I don’t have to deal with unpleasant hosts in the future!

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