Airbnb censorship is annoying

I booked a house for 7 people on a trip to NZ, I haven’t been there yet, the trip is in a month but my actual experience on the airbnb website itself is not that good. I wanted to contact the host directly and the host also tried to give me 2 alternate contact methods, but airbnb keeps censoring everything, with a .com or an @ or extended numbers even if they aren’t phone numbers. We wanted to pay in cash to avoid the booking fee for credit cards if there are any. On their website: it says you can send attachments, I tried and I couldn’t. They don’t even allow a choice of payment methods, only different ones in different places and all are electronic, no cash. I don’t like paying over the internet and prefer cash after seeing the product. The censorship is extremely restrictive and I tried many times and they all didn’t work, even intentional misspelling.

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  1. Ha, use your email address beginning without the at and then write sth like “ending with the popular search engine starting with G”. Airbnb sends you some message saying don’t do this!

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