Airbnb censorship is annoying

I booked a house for 7 people on a trip to NZ, I haven’t been there yet, the trip is in a month but my actual experience on the airbnb website itself is not that good. I wanted to contact the host directly and the host also tried to give me 2 alternate contact methods, but airbnb keeps censoring everything, with a .com or an @ or extended numbers even if they aren’t phone numbers. We wanted to pay in cash to avoid the booking fee for credit cards if there are any. On their website: it says you can send attachments, I tried and I couldn’t. They don’t even allow a choice of payment methods, only different ones in different places and all are electronic, no cash. I don’t like paying over the internet and prefer cash after seeing the product. The censorship is extremely restrictive and I tried many times and they all didn’t work, even intentional misspelling.