Airbnb has the Worst Customer Service

I rented a room where the host said he would clean it after he got off work at 6. The check in time stated 3pm, but I didn’t feel like I could force him to come home from work earlier so I planned around his schedule. When I came back around 7:30 he had still not come back and the sheets were dirty and there were dirty towels from the previous guest. The toilet had urine on it and the apartment smelled bad. Airbnb wanted him to come home and remedy the situation instead of reimbursing me. When he was not home by 9 they finally agreed to reimburse me. Which is great, but I had to go back and forth with them for almost an hour and get a supervisor involved. They also agreed to pay up to $150 for my first night in a hotel. So I get a hotel for 2 nights thinking everything will be ok. Then this morning I find the case manager has sent me 2 emails between 9 and midnight stating she needs the receipt and then that she is not paying for the hotel anymore. When I call back i’m told I just have to wait for her to return and they can’t give me a timeline. Way to ruin a vacation! I wouldn’t have been upset with the dirty room if customer service had responded to the situation quickly and fairly and I was able to put it all behind me, but I’m still having to deal with them.

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  1. A reply to Jenny Jo:
    As a regular AirBnB guest, and browser, I expect Air BnB to be more than a Cragslist of hosts.
    I expect AirBnB to take some responsibility for the performance of their hosts, especially if there are negative reviews. I also expect AirBnB to make sure the hosts understand that they will be hurt if they make promises they do not keep. AirBnB makes A LOT of money – they need to do more than just provide a listing. Craigslist does that for free!

  2. When will you people realize that airbnb is merely a platform by which hosts and guests find each other. Airbnb gets a middleman fee. They don’t provide housekeeping, maintenance or concierge services. They are sitting at a computer in California, they cant wipe potty seats in Munich for you. They dont do anything for hosts either when we get trashed or robbed. All they want is their fee. Take your chances or get a hotel room in the first place.

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