Airbnb: A Horrible End to our Honeymoon

I booked this property for the last part of my honeymoon in Italy. Upon arriving the place was great. The day we got there we had travelled from Turin to Rome to Naples to Sorrento so it had been a long day; we wanted to shower and nap. When trying to shower, I got only ice cold water. I told the host about the issue and she sent someone to look at it shortly and told me it should be fixed. However, she wanted to send them again in the morning just to be safe.

The next morning they came and take a look and then we left for a tour. After coming back from the tour we really needed a shower but again, there was no warm water. We had a special dinner to go to so it was very uncomfortable coming from a full day tour and not getting a proper shower.

All the way through I communicated the issues to the host through Airbnb. I even told her that this issue would be in her review. Her review for me said I was dishonest and would not recommend me. Why would I lie about this? And how is it a lie if she had someone look at the issue multiple times?

This was an extremely horrible experience especially as it was for my honeymoon and the first time I’ve used Airbnb for a trip. I tried getting the review from my profile removed and compensation for the horrible experience but Airbnb did not help. They only said if I had called during the stay, then they could have done something. This made no sense to me because their site recommends that you work it out with the host.

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  1. Unfortunately many older houses in Italy and South Spain don’t have warm water enough, usually warm water last only for 5-15 minutes. But this problem is usually not in Northern Italy, I could recommend it.

  2. Go stay in a hotel. Most hosts in future don’t want you back if you’re going to whine about stuff like this. Starving kids in Africa have to carry a bucket of water on their head and walk barefoot for 10 miles back to their home just to sponge bath themselves.

    • If “Life Happens” in a hotel, a hotel gives you another room or even a full refund, because you are paying for all the services to be working fine (since you get 100% of payment, you must provide 100% of services).
      If service is not perfect, the payment should not be processed in full.

      • Paul is telling the truth and is perfectly reasonable. You, “grynch” and the other trolls are the reason why so many businesses have piss poor customer service these days…

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