I hate Airbnb… even though I liked the money I made

First of all, Airbnb annoyed me from the very beginning. Even though I understand that their business model requires compliance with certain processes, I just despise how they make try to get you to run your business in the way they want (having your posting be an automatic booking; too many cancellations – like three – come with penalties, potentially even a $100 penalty). They also frame everything as if it is in the best interest of the guest when really it is the way they want to make more money.

It’s not that I can pin this on Airbnb but I did have issues with a guest. I had the mother of an 18-year-old guy book a room at my place. There were multiple people staying at the place. The 18-year-old stole some car keys and took the car of one of my tenants. It was an enormous headache. After a couple days the tenant got his car back (it was a mess inside) and the 18-year-old kid was arrested and got lucky with a “joy riding” higher degree misdemeanor. His mother was kind and paid money to help with some of the costs (detailing the car, additional cleaning, etc.) but I wish I didn’t have to deal with it at all.

All that being said, the company in general just drives me nuts. I have feelings of hatred that I am trying to slowly alleviate (I’m not typically a hater). I’m going to stick with traditional landlording (if that’s a word) and avoid Airbnb as much as possible.

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  1. Airbnb banned superhosts whose been with them for over a decade. And they will not tell you why they ban you. Just kick you out like trash. Ruthless.

  2. Just got through with a terrible AIRBNB experience. Not letting anyone in my home again without a background check and references

  3. Sorry ! the hatred only grows ! as the effort to be nice boils over and straplines occur to me such as “Airbed: : Properties run by misers for cheapskates !” or “Turn your lovely home into a demented hotel for cheapskates” and “AIRBED ! the clue’s in the name. D’oh ! ”

    I hated about 50 things not least the crafty things they do to control you.

    Just look at Joan’s crass comment. She’s the sort of person you can expect.

    So stick to lovely lodgers : Real friends, mutual selectivity; there’s no comparison.

  4. I hear you mate. I am a full time landlord with one Airbnb holiday let.
    It’s a nightmare. Moaning guests who don’t understsnd the difference between a hotel and an Airbnb let
    Constant damage
    Punitive cancellation charges
    Unfair comments section based on the mood of the day without the ability to challenge easily
    Unfortunately they also have the marked cornered so it’s hsrd to leave.

  5. This is all down to you.

    If you don’t like Airbnb then don’t use them. Use one of the many other listing companies.

    And why on earth did you accept a third party booking putting other tenants at risk.

    Sounds like you shouldn’t be too hosting.

  6. Unfortunately Airbnb heavily favors guests over hosts, that’s just something hosts have to deal with. Guests are the paying customers but Airbnb tends to forget that the hosts are the only reason they make any money at all.

    • Has anyone had the great misfortune of being called out for not accepting a pit bull that is an emotional support animal? Even is you have a no pet policy, you have to accept the traveler, can’t charge pet fee or additional cleaning charges….what the HECK?

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