Airbnb: A Horrible End to our Honeymoon

I booked this property for the last part of my honeymoon in Italy. Upon arriving the place was great. The day we got there we had travelled from Turin to Rome to Naples to Sorrento so it had been a long day; we wanted to shower and nap. When trying to shower, I got only ice cold water. I told the host about the issue and she sent someone to look at it shortly and told me it should be fixed. However, she wanted to send them again in the morning just to be safe.

The next morning they came and take a look and then we left for a tour. After coming back from the tour we really needed a shower but again, there was no warm water. We had a special dinner to go to so it was very uncomfortable coming from a full day tour and not getting a proper shower.

All the way through I communicated the issues to the host through Airbnb. I even told her that this issue would be in her review. Her review for me said I was dishonest and would not recommend me. Why would I lie about this? And how is it a lie if she had someone look at the issue multiple times?

This was an extremely horrible experience especially as it was for my honeymoon and the first time I’ve used Airbnb for a trip. I tried getting the review from my profile removed and compensation for the horrible experience but Airbnb did not help. They only said if I had called during the stay, then they could have done something. This made no sense to me because their site recommends that you work it out with the host.

Host telling me to cancel so he can keep the money

I booked an apartment in Barcelona for my partner and cousins. We are planing to spend a few days there. I got confirmation back from the host saying they had accepted and taken the money. I emailed them back requesting since I have paid already could I please use the two rooms with the double bed, not the sofa bed. They said they will “try” as the listing is still up for other guests. If I don’t want more guests in the house I need to pay them directly also if I don’t like it then I should cancel my reservation so they can keep the money and I should look somewhere more suitable. All I asked for in the first place was the use of two rooms with double beds. When I reminded them that all emails are recorded they said they know and since both parties aren’t happy I should cancel. They are pushing me to cancel my reservation.

Hosts were scam artists and AirBnB did nothing to help!

I hosted my boyfriend’s birthday at an AirBnB cabin in a ski town in California. As all 15 of my guests were driving several hours up to the cabin we were contacted and told that our booked cabin was flooded.  Airbnb helped us find another cabin large enough to hold all 15 guests, however the new cabin cost additional $600. There was also a huge increase in cleaning fees. We had a lot of trouble with parking our cars since we were told we could park four cars and there was no parking due to a snow-covered driveway which the host had not cleared of snow. In the end, we went home frustrated but we were not too upset about the overall experience. However, several days later after I wrote a review recording that there was nowhere to park at the cabin, the host accused us of breaking a rod iron stove grate. They told us it would be $245 to replace it. I let my case manager through Airbnb know that we did not break the grate. But because I did not have pictures of the grate, Airbnb charged me the money through my deposit. After this happened I went through the reviews on yelp about the cabins rental company and discovered 10 other accusations from other guests that the same rental company scammed them out of their entire deposit. When I tried to share this information repeatedly with Airbnb I was never given any reconsideration of my situation. In the end they told me there was absolutely nothing that could be done and that the reviews on yelp had nothing to do with my case. I have rented homes all over the world but I will not go through AirBnB again.  They really didn’t care at all that there was obviously a trend where this hosting company took advantage of guests.

Arrived in London with No Way to Enter Flat!

We booked a week in London at a flat in Fitzrovia section. By the pictures we weren’t expecting any great shakes, but still, what a disappointment once we were there in person! But that’s not the worst of it. We had been in communication with the host all along that we’d be arriving by noontime from USA and were assured a key would be waiting for us. Well, guess what: no key. So now we’re sitting on a London side street pub bench in the cold wondering what to do next because the host would not answer text, calls or email! We sat there for over an hour without any kind of response from the host about the key situation. This was a Saturday so why wasn’t he answering! We had reservations for a show and wanted to get settled, rested and changed and here we were sitting outside a pub with luggage. I was blowing a gasket. Finally, we decided to go knock on the door hoping someone would answer and have an extra key. Fortunately, one of the tenants answered and was a relative of the host and had an extra key. 90 min wasted in the cold! If we hadn’t thought of blinding knocking on the outside door (5 apartments in the building), we’d have wasted even more time. The host NEVER got back to us with an apology nor to even a reply to our many calls, texts and emails –not the entire week. I’m pretty boiling mad! Now, the flat. Worn, old furniture, saggy bed, one toilet refused to flush right, the other bathroom’s shower head came totally off the wall (!), there was mold on the ceiling, dim lighting and barely any glasses to drink of in the cupboard. Towels were frayed and scratchy. Oh and the best was the 3 story flight of stairs that we had to drag our luggage up. On the upside, it had cable tv and wifi. This was my first Airbnb experience. It will probably be my last, especially overseas! Now I would be forever worried the host wouldn’t leave the key or be accessible to let me in in the future. No thanks, hotel from now on.

I was gang-raped in Budapest – and Airbnb ignored me, then insulted me

I was in Budapest on Memorial Day weekend. Checked into an Airbnb rental at 7 pm and the host, Gabor, told me that I could call or text him anytime with any questions. Despite it being a Saturday night, I immediately began working on a report titled Women, Business, and the Law. At 9 pm, I realized that I hadn’t eaten since 8 am. So I texted and called Gabor, asking for the location of the nearest convenience store. I received no response. At midnight, I did the same—and again, had no response. Finally, at 2 am, I stopped working and left the unit. It had been 16 hours since I’d eaten. Immediately, I realized that I’d left the key to the apartment inside. What to do? No one was working at the front desk. Airbnb wasn’t answering. The US Embassy wasn’t answering. So I wandered Budapest, doing my best to avoid the drunken crowds. Took photos. Called my best friend from high school, Michele (in Texas, where it was a reasonable hour). But after an hour, she had to go feed her kids. Around 6 am, I came around a corner and saw a woman being harassed by a group of men at a major intersection. I won’t abide seeing a woman in distress, so I told them to stop. They said, “make us—either with force or money.” I said, “I’m not an idiot…I didn’t bring much money, knowing that I’d be among large groups and I’m clearly not Hungarian.” They said, “Oh, so you must be American—so get money.” I said, “I brought one credit card, and I don’t know the PIN for it. I don’t take money out on credit cards.” That made them angry. So, I’m told, they hit me in the back of the head with a steel pipe. Dragged me into an alley. And 4 to 6 men raped me. The next thing that I remember, I was awakened on a gurney in a hospital covered in blood, with most of my clothes cut off and an orderly screaming in my face that I was a “disgusting American maggot f***ot who deserved what happened and probably liked it.” He also said I had to leave the hospital immediately. Even though I was in shock and completely confused, I managed to ask, “What happened to me?” He said, “You know what happened—and you wanted it.” So I got up, found the doctor and asked if I really had to leave. He said, “My god no! We still need to do a CT scan, blood work, and more invasive tests. We thought you might be dead. You have to stay here at least 12-14 more hours.” I asked again, “What happened to me? Please tell me.” He said, “You really have no idea? Even through the pain medication?” And then I realized. So I left the hospital; I couldn’t wait through that. So I tried to talk to the police, to file a report. They laughed at me and said, F you, American f***ot. I got to a hostel, but Airbnb still wouldn’t answer. I still couldn’t contact the Airbnb host or get back into the unit. Then I had to call my mother and tell her what had happened to the youngest of her five sons. Then the US Embassy, who provided advice on getting a locksmith for the Airbnb unit and a replacement phone (mine had obviously been stolen during the attack). A couple days later, I left Budapest for Prague. Airbnb wouldn’t help me there either. I had to walk everywhere because I had no currency—including to a clinic to get post-HIV and STD exposure medications. The meds made me incredibly sick. I lost 40 pounds. Finally, in Berlin, Airbnb started calling me incessantly. Trying to seem like they were my friends. I said, I’m not talking to you. Everything has to be by email. Because you failed me as a company and as human beings. This will all be documented. So they called my mother—without my knowledge or permission. My mother, who has been dealing with my father’s Alzheimer’s. And told her that I’m “unbalanced.” My mother told them (politely) that she didn’t have a word to say to them. My parents both worked for the US government and don’t like attention. Then Airbnb changed their rules and said I could no longer contact them or their Legal Department. I lived in San Francisco for 17 years, before I moved back to Charlottesville, VA, in August 2014 to help my mother deal with my father. I’ve been in one relationship for 24 years. I work for international organizations, foreign governments, NGOs, and charities. I do anything I possibly can to help make the world a better place. Airbnb does not. It placed profits before people long ago. Proposition F in San Francisco MUST fail. I apologize for the length of this post. Thank you.

Smelly, loud, and dirty. A terrible place to stay in Paris. We booked this nice-enough-looking place for our stay in Paris. Our host contacted us and told us that we wouldn’t be able to check in until after 4:30PM. We made the necessary travel arrangements to accomodate. There are only so many international trains per day between southern Switzerland and Paris. On our way into Paris, the day of our reservation, our host contacted us again telling us we needed to check-in before 5:30PM, leaving us the slim window of 1-hour to check-in after traveling internationally. Somehow, we made it on time. When we arrived, the host showed us around very quickly and then left. He said he might not be able to meet us for check-out, so we should leave the keys on top of his mailbox. The kitchen smelled like rotting vegetables. The stove needed to be lit with a grill lighter and the only available utensils and cook-ware were covered in food. There was a load of laundry in the washing-machine. We were left with two towels for a 5-day stay, one of which had a giant hole in it. The sheets provided has a small blood-stain on them. The apartment was also quite noisy. The noise ranged from being able to hear a neighbor’s cellphone vibrating on the floor above us to hobos screaming down the street at 3AM. Also, from the pictures, an Eiffel Tower view is suggested but there was no such view in sight. The host told us if we weren’t happy with the apartment we could contact airBnB on the first day for a refund. As much as I would have loved to, that would leave us on the streets of Paris with nowhere to stay for 5 days. Not a viable option. The host claimed that we broke glasses and stole his keys. The keys were left in the decided-upon location and we were not even provided with any glasses. The whole experience felt like a scam from start to beginning and the host is now requesting more money from us.

Beware of this Airbnb in Honolulu

Well my first host scheduled was supposed to secure a place for me Jenny excellent room with ocean view Honolulu hawaii seemed great we emailed and text and when her other hosts said in review she picked up from airport thought that was great only to find out she wanted to charge me three times as much as a cab or shuttle to her would normally be when I told her to this age was sort of shocked I did the research then after that it sort of went down hill she avoided my texts until at least day before I was supposed to fly out told me to get a cab never told me to meet her or when she would give me a key and didn’t want to be homeless in hawaii so after numerous talks with our B and B agents I canceled her thank God and was told to book hotel and because if this I could get maybe three night s reimburse or help on finding a new letting I got one hotel night which I had to prepay then air b gave me refund after that thanks then they send me a couple things that were not close to where I needed to be and said they would increase my credit which they did do thanks again but because it was last minute and u was in Honolulu I couldn’t find anything avail and was almost homeless in Hawaii until I reached out to an old letting that I had previously looked at a small room in an old house Raymond and Rachael in Hawaii pahai go valley, Honolulu and that’s where the fun hell began …the host Raymond was a raging alcoholic who fell asleep with Kit cigarettes every night that I had to intercept so it didn’t burn me in whole house down there were cockroaches every where they left there doors open all the time they acted weird because I wanted a key when I keft to lock door and at first were reluctant to give me key the railings are not attached and when you hold on to them they wobble and are old wooden and have huge holes in them fifty steps up kafir safety hazards think the house was haunted because the doors would open and shut and reopen and shut several times in repetition for the day so always having to prop up stuff against door cockroaches the size of mount rush more every where the room was ok mid size and cable ok here’s the clinchers he said in his add is near a bus stop wasn’t syre if I wanted a car yet so took him for his word what you don’t know is that he lied the bus stop is twenty to thirty minutes away by walking up two massive high. Hills and down a third one which is very steep hill which also essentially not lit for cars either any who I fell down this steep hill and a few days later in the hospital found out I broke my ankle in three places and sprained and cut on Raymond’s street I stated there for rest if trip till I had to fly home .while I stayed there one time he had a date over and I came out for water whith my crutches and he told his date I was faking and I liked to get attention I was fit to be tied at that point but had to stay as I was flying out in a few days also as for renting his cars they aren’t cheap for guests staying there over 35.00 per day and the bike is 35.00 per day not ten if if u want to take it out in trade and weed his jungle home for the day with rusty cutters impossible. Beware single lady’s he now is sepersted from his wife she was there greedy and moved out she seemed nice but didn’t talk much I think because if situation with him so she diesent live with him in his house now he offered to rent one of his cats to me at a higher price then offered then mumbled something about it not being insured and I immediately said maybe I’ll rent one from someone else every night was a recant about the marriage and hiw his wife was this and that which I just shook my head at and tried to avoid beware this place bugs alcohal cigarettes dark energy fairy railings and stairs old house dust coming from deteriorating ceiling barking dogs constantly next door rains all the time even if waikiki is sunny too far from town at least half hour by car always unlocked at owners request even if ur guest ur treated like crap I think this person just needs the money and has too many problems to be concerned with hospitality as a host too bad I lost money time and peace if mind for my vacation and too much money spending on cabs cause too far away from town a total mess now recovering from broken ankle because if the lies and because if the steep as hill connected to his place beware Raymond Orange Honolulu old house small room

Hell in Valbandon, Croatia at a bargain price

If misery truly loves company, then this spiritual home belongs in a little Croatian enclave called Valbandon, where myself and my travelling companions spent a week-long getaway lasting all of 45 minutes. Let me preface this by saying that our overall experience of Croatian hospitality was impeccable, with our hosts in Pula going to great lengths to greet us warmly, attend to our needs and give us advice and assistance throughout our trip. Having spent a couple of days in town, we prepared to decamp to the countryside for a week of poolside lounging at our private villa. Well, lah-di-dah indeed. Or indeed not The alarm bells should have rung when our host “Isabella” first popped up on Airbnb, her avatar showing a forced, mean smile and narrowed, hard eyes burning darkly – the sort of smile one imagines Isabella usually reserves for special occasions, like twisting the heads off small kittens. Her messages trilled with bouncy helpfulness, yet somehow sounded staccato and businesslike, rather like Davros running a cake-stall. At first we brushed this off as a language barrier, rather than seeing the barked orders and friendly tips for the borderline protection racket that they were. Isabella, who we later nicknamed the unladylike “Isac***” was not one to take “no” for an answer. “TAXIS FROM AIRP-ORT WILL BE DIFF-I-CULT,” boomed the Dalek Supreme, insisting that she’d do us a favour and get her friend to drive us instead. Our choice of apartment was brushed aside: “I have far better apartment,” she snapped, swiftly taking our preferred option off the table. Isabella’s “friend” was a cheerful illegal cabbie, with the loyal glassy gaze of a golden retriever. He was a nice guy, so we’ll keep his name a secret. Let’s call him Torgo. “You from Glasgow? You must have plenty of illegals there. Is work,” he explained cheerily, warning us to keep our story straight if we were stopped by the police and to pay him discreetly, trying not to look like an under-the-dashboard hand-job. He told us about the local film festival, and that he’d booked tickets for Mr Turner (“Very funny, he does not talk.”). His puppy face must have looked a picture when later discovering that Rowan Aktinson’s Mr Bean was a world away from Timothy Spall grunting his way through two hours of rough sex inflicted upon his psoriasis-riddled housekeeper. Torgo was eager to drive us wherever we liked, and as we later discovered, would usually only charge a tenner more than a taxi driver shouldering trifling overheads like a license and insurance. Torgo told us that our landlady was an “old woman”, distrustful of strangers, blithely revealing that our private villa was in fact shared with two other parties and that this wary old crone would likely seize our passports as insurance, along with pocketing a substantial security deposit. We considered this on the drive, sweating just that little more as we did, noticing how much further from town it was than Isabella’s carefree promises had suggested. Airbnb places great importance on any given property looking like its pictures. All quite laudable, undoubtedly, but it’s a barometer that makes little allowance for the magic of photography. Our hosts had not seen fit to invest in a net to remove the dead leaves from the pool, but had nonetheless managed to secure a wide-angle lens of sufficient breadth to transform a puddle-filled shoebox into a horizon-busting expanse of blue stretching as far as the eye could see. I believe it’s a syndrome otherwise known as “profile pic vs real life”. Having not swiped left, we found ourself greeted by the owner of this micro-hovel, a leather-bound, stern lady of indeterminate age, though likely less elderly than the wizened hag of Torgo’s hushed warnings. Val, for we shall call her that, greeted us with her most welcoming scowl. She wore a sleeveless dress in hot pink and walked with the bow-legged manner of someone smuggling a watermelon out of a supermarket. “You come theeess way,” she threatened, beckoning with a razor talon. Val was house proud, quite surprising really, given how little house she had to be proud of. Squeezing sideways, crab-like, into her narrow kitchen, Val showed off its splendid amenities, including water from taps, a mismatched handful of cutlery, and a coffee maker that would have been the pride and joy of any kitchen circa 1977. Val explained the coffee machine at length, painting pictures in the air with her hands, as if casting a spell. Perhaps she was. At any rate, she seemed more enamored with the coffee maker than the prospect of fellow human beings. “You read the house orders,” she glowered, pointing to a stuffed plastic sleeve of papers drawing-pinned to the kitchen doors. “And then, you give me passports.” Passports were everything to Val. She just loved them. “You give me!” she insisted, her rheumy eyes suddenly alive with fire. We were unconvinced. A 20-minute walk from the nearest whiff of civilization was one thing, but a week stuck in the countryside with no ID had the smell of a wrong-un. “You think I sell them?” declared Val, outraged, when we offered her photocopies instead. “Perhaps your passports are not in order?” she opined, eyes narrowed, with the disappointed air of a vampire denied a virgin’s blood. Perhaps inevitably, it wasn’t to be. On the long car journey back to Pula, Torgo attempted to make light of our retreat. He said that Val had once been married to the head of the local police and that a tourist’s baby had drowned in the pool. Isabella was indignant, first furious and unapologetic over email and then later, when cornered, a blubbing, wounded party: “You assault me,” she protested, like a Travelodge Lady Macbeth. The lesson learned? Trust your instincts. If your brow settles into a frown when presented with a stranger’s supposed generosity, trust that frown. We ended up in sunny Pula, back out our original apartment, and felt welcomed and wanted once again. As for Val, I can picture her by the poolside, a gin in one hand, morosely stroking an empty space on her armrest reserved for an imaginary passport. A salty tear etches its way down her mahogany face, a whisper of defeat rises from her throat. “Always. No… passport.”


Unbelievable!! Out of respect I left the host Vinayak a nice review, because the place is in fact amazing and because Vinayak apologized to us many many times by text for everything that happened to us during our stay, so I felt sorry for Vinayak. But now Vinayak changed his character. Let me now start about the way Vinayak treated us and share my side of the story, which I have not mentioned in my first review. First of all, I messaged Vinayak (the host) on the arrival day, regarding the keys and checking in time, but Vinayak never replied. This left us discussing the situation with the security supervisor and we told him to reach out to Vinayak. The supervisor then told us that it is ILLEGAL and AGAINST THE LAW in Dubai to rent out the property to other people for a short term, no matter if the place feels like a resort or residency. So from no where, two so called agents of Vinayak arrived at the supervisor office. They said Vinayak has not rent out a property to you and that he is on holiday. We were shocked and showed them the proof from airbnb that we did have a reservation at this property. The two agents then called Vinayak’s sister and she explained to us that we should not discuss anything with the supervisor, as it is not allowed to rent out the property for a short stay. The two agents then took us to the property, as if nothing happened, and said that Vinayak would sort everything out with the supervisor, as the supervisor allowed us to stay at the property but refused us to use any of the facilities, such as the pool and gym. From this point we thought everything is fine, but it still felt weird on how the agents first said we did not have a reservation and told us to leave, but after a call with Vinayak’s sister, everything was fine and we were shown our property. Never mind the next day, my kids went to the pool but they were sent away as one of the security said we were not allowed to use it and Vinayak has to come down or call the supervisor. I then messaged Vinayak the phone number of the supervisor and over the next couple of days the security kept removing us from the pool because Vinayak still has not contacted the supervisor. He also said he thought Vinayak was scared to speak to him and only spoke to the normal security person that have no right to make any decision. This shows that Vinayak was aware that it is ILLEGAL to rent out the property, therefore did not want to contact the supervisor. After the first five days, Vinayak returned back from his holiday, but never came to the property to check on us. He then phoned us telling us that it was his fault renting it out to 6 people but he apologized and said that only 3 people are allowed to register with using the facilities. We accepted that because from this point on we just wanted to enjoy our holiday, and after speaking to security ourselves, they allowed all members of my family to use the facilities, because they became confused about the whole situation with Vinayak. They said that we were nice guests, therefore, allowed us to use everything. Vinayak therefore has done nothing, and we had to keep chasing him with issues that should have been solved by Vinayak, not by guests who are there to enjoy their holiday. Therefore, Vinayak is a liar when he says “we tried our level best to settle these issues”. Vinayak did not settle anything, and does nothing to help anyone. We have proof from text messages on how long he takes to reply and solve the issues. Sometimes he does not even reply or pick up his phone, leaving you there on your own. Another lie is when Vinayak says we damaged the house, which we did not!!! I do not believe how someone like Vinayak, which acted nice over the phone and text, lies so much. We left the house in the best cleaning condition possible. We cleaned the house everyday. The house was not even clean the first day we arrived but we did not complain. In fact, one time the roof was leaking water. We contacted Vinayak and he apologized and sent people to fix it. Ask any of the lifeguards, security or housekeepers about me and my family and they will tell you how we were such a nice family to have us there. If anyone needs proof of the text messages between me and Vinayak and the way he treated us, feel free to send me a message and I will send you my contact details, so I can send you all the messages and you can read it yourself. I am here just to help you to not trust this guy. I do not wish upon anyone to go through the same experience, me and my family have gone through with Vinayak. Remember that this property is ILLEGAL for Vinayak to rent out, and from now on, every person that books this property, will be refused to stay there as the supervisor is now aware that Vinayak rents this place out AGAINST THE LAW.

Avoid Diana in Astoria, Oregon at all costs

Tons of red flags from the first email response from Diana in Astoria, who rents her upstairs attic room. Saying that I must be “new to this,” she scolded me for not writing a more detailed intro description of me and my family and our reason for being in Astoria. I added more info and she accepted us. We agreed on a 5 p.m. check-in time. Driving up from Lincoln City, I contacted her before we left informing her we would be leaving a bit later than expected and said we should be in Astoria at 5:30. She responded via email: “5:30 is no problem. Thanks for letting me know in advance.” The drive up took longer than we thought. Lots of one-lane roads with slower vehicles, lots of twists and turns. We went as fast as we could and did not stop for anything. About an hour out of Astoria, we called her to let her know we were going as quickly as we could, but were estimated to arrive in Astoria at 6. Below is her email response: “Got your vm. Not happy about it, but I’ll see you at 6pm. Please be more respectful of a host’s time in the future, especially when you have asked for a special check-in time. This is not a good way to start as a guest. I know this is your first time with Airbnb, so it’s a learning experience. I would be less frustrated if you had asked if it was okay to change the time and had asked me in advance, rather than messages throughout the day *telling* me that the plan had changed. It feels very disrespectful and inconsiderate, and not a good way to start. I will see you at 6pm. If it’s going to be later than that, please tell me now so we can make a decision about whether this is going to work. Thank you in advance for respecting my time as a host.” My wife read her response as I drove. We were shocked, upset and especially angry about her inferring that she might not accept us if were came any later than 6. My response: “We’re in Seaside right now. We’re going as fast as we can,” to which she responded, “I’ll see you when get here. We can just start again. I know you guys are new to airbnb. Thanks for understanding. I’ll be in the garden. See you then. We drove as fast as we could and arrived at 6 on the dot. We found Diana puttering around in her backyard with her dog. She was visibly upset and agitated. She acknowledged us, but citing difficulties with her dog’s surgery, she quickly and repeatedly reminded us how important it was that we be on time. My wife and two kids and I stood and listened to her prattle on about her dog and about needing to “reset” herself. She was about to put the dog in the house and show us around when she stopped, looked as us looking at her and said, “are you ok?” I said “yes.” She said that other guests who have come late normally offer an apology of some kind. She mumbled something about it not working out with us. I responded, saying that her email beat down was inappropriate and hostile and because of that, I didn’t owe her an apology. I reminded her that we were considerate enough to keep her informed every step of the way about being late, got there as fast as we could but because of traffic, were delayed. I said I was very annoyed that she inferred she might not take us in and I said that it might not work after all. Hearing this, she backed off a bit, saying that had lots of errands that day and was counting on us being on time. She talked about “reseting” and “starting over,” but when I said we were only 30 minutes late, she lost it. She started yelling at us on her doorstep calling me obnoxious and inconsiderate. After we argued back and forth, I asked for a refund. She refused. I said then she needed to let us in to our room. She refused. My wife said she was not honoring our agreement and that we already paid for the room. She said something about being a lawyer and told us to take it up with Airbnb. I protested, she yelled at me and my family to get off her property and slammed her door in our face. Luckily we found a decent, similarly-priced hotel room in the city. I immediately called Airbnb and explained my story. She listened, called Diana for her side, called us back 10 minutes later telling us that Diana’s side of the story was different than mine, said she is a great host with great reviews but after reading Diana’s emails, granted us a full refund on the spot. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Diana would have had us on egg shells had we stayed, not something I wanted on a family road trip to Seattle. My final email to her: Diana – your unprofessionalism and inflexibility today as a host was shocking. And your refusal to grant us a refund was unprincipled, something airbnb obviously agreed with by granting us a full refund. Your new at this – don’t lecture potential clients and don’t do this unless you can handle some measure of uncertainty that travelers sometimes encounter. Chill out! The rest of our stays in Airbnb locations in Seattle were wonderful. Hosts were kind, flexible and accommodating, as they should be. Had I not gotten the refund I deserved, I would never use their service again.