Want to Cancel and get Refund for Reservation

First of all, I did not get any passcode or wifi information upon arrival at my Airbnb. When I did get the wifi info, I could not log in. Even after mentioning the problem to the host a full day ago, the matter has not been resolved.

When I pushed for the availability of the internet, the host tried to do several different things which did not need to be done. I asked him if he had contacted his provider and he said no. He claimed that he is not tech savvy, but still did not contact support from his provider and rather tried to work on the same booster again and again.

The TV sometimes connected to the network but even that network was so slow that Netflix kept on buffering and continued showing it was loading. My laptop and cell phone did not connect to the internet at all and I have been using my Verizon cell phone data for these two days/nights.

By my understanding of how the internet works are, he has internet but he does not have enough bandwidth to accommodate all his guests. The host even accused me of doing something wrong, as apparently, he saw my browser open. It was funny because a guy living in the 21st century did not understand the concept of using mobile hotspot technology.

I wanted to leave the Airbnb and get a full refund for all the nights I was not staying. I called Airbnb customer service and was kept on hold for more than a half hour, after which a support staff member picked up the phone. She heard about the issues I was facing with my reservation and she forwarded my call to a senior member of her team and asked me to stay on hold for the call.

The senior member talked with my host and to my utter amazement the Airbnb agent decided to go with the story of the host. The host said that he had internet and just that it was a bit slow. Slow or not, I did not get any which I could possibly use and thus I should be given a refund so that I can choose to stay at another place.

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  1. internet doesn’t cost anything near to a 500 a month, and it is expected to provide “normal” internet service in this age, if they state wifi.

  2. 1. Did you notify the host of the internet problem via the Airbnb messaging? If not, you should always use the Airbnb messaging BECAUSE Airbnb refers to their message system when they determine problem resolution. Rarely will they consider texts or voice communication that is not through their platform.

    2. Did the advertisement for the rental state: Business class or intermediate speed internet service? Business class or intermediate internet service will accommodate multiple users surfing the internet or accessing email. If one person starts streaming YouTube or Netflix, they are taking all the bandwidth. If the host accurately advertised the internet capacity, the problem is the other guest not the host. I stayed at a Hilton last week that advertised business class internet at no charge. For $9.95/ day I could upgrade to a faster connection for streaming.

    3. Did you rent the entire home? Or was this a room rental? If room rental, the basic rule is you have to share. Again the problem would be with another guest not sharing.

    4. I am amazed at what people expect for cheap. If you are paying bottom dollar for accommodations, don’t expect a $500/night rental experience.

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