Can’t Travel Now: Airbnb Customer Service Hell

The people in Airbnb customer service are rude idiots. I think the company must tell them this is the way they have to behave. I have written emails, called, been hung up on, and I am fed up. I have had injuries and illnesses this last year and haven’t been able to use my credit coupon of 170 dollars which would go a long way in Mexico, a place I love. I have asked Airbnb to extend it for me as I have impending wrist surgery, even sending an email from the doctors office. The call center is telling me that I have to have medical certification. Excuse me? I have to pay a doctor to write something so that I do not lose my credit in two weeks.

I think now Airbnb has gone public they are even bigger jerks. I did them a favor by referring people and because of my medical situation (sounds like discrimination), they are taking my credit away. I told them I had to move this month too, and they got the documentation, but they want more. I called again and they hung up on me. I was told someone would call me and it has not happened. I would rather couchsurf than deal with these idiots. No more referrals from me. Airbnb sucks. I hope they fail and their stock crashes.

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  1. As of 7/4/19, Airbnb is still privately held. They are positioning themselves to go public. The did a PRIVATE stock sale last year.

    I’ve had many dealings with Airbnb customer service. You state you’ve been hung up on—yes they will and should do that when the caller becomes verbally abusive. Was that your situation?

    So you want an extension to use a $170 voucher? What is the voucher for? Guest referrals? For each of the past 4 years, I received a superhost $100 travel voucher which is issued as “use it or lose it” in the following 12 months. I can’t get an extension because the voucher has an expiration date so why should you?

    Take your trip before your surgery, use your voucher and enjoy Mexico. If this surgery can be postponed, do it, and enjoy your time.

    Stop blaming Airbnb because you waited to the last minute and they are enforcing a known expiration date.

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