Vacation Ruined: Airbnb Canceled Prior to Arrival

So, I was supposed to attend Bauma Munich 2016 in April. You know how Bauma Munich took up so many hotels and apartments in Munich? Well, you better book your hotels early. I booked mine very early, and you know what? They canceled six days before my departure to Bauma. You know what’s even more annoying? The hotel rates all went up sky high; if only I had known Airbnb was going to cancel, I could have saved so much on my hotel fees to go to Munich. But due to this incompetent Airbnb host and staff, my booking got canceled and I had to pay extra to book a hotel at the last minute. One more thing: one of the staff at Airbnb chose not to help me because I was assigned to another person to help out already. So, after wasting your money to call Airbnb, they refuse to help you because you were in contact with a different person before.

Can you imagine how bad Airbnb is? YES! It’s that Bad! So, I asked for a full refund. It’s still being processed, but really it’s a freaking nightmare. DO NOT BOOK VIA AIRBNB! I REPEAT: DO NOT BOOK VIA AIRBNB. IS IT WORTH THE RISK? THINK ABOUT IT AGAIN!

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