I have never spent so much time on the phone complaining about other people in my Life.. Airbnb ruined my trip to LA I had 3 bad experiences one good and reviewed it honestly as I would want to know all the ins and outs of a place so I can make a valid decision if I want to travel to the other side of the world to stay in it! and pay my hard earned money on it. After finding a nice place that I actually wanted to stay in I stayed 2 weeks reviewed it honestly and now have abuse from the host for this.. Sorry but when I have guests staying at my house who are NOT paying me I have respect for them, I don’t go around shouting and talking loudly like they aren’t even in existence!.. Cleaning fees are charged.. Surely that’s what you are paying to use the room for? you don’t pay a cleaning fee when you stay in a hotel and you get the room cleaned every day, you get clean towels every day! I got them once I took them my self on the second week.. the bedding was changed once, I paid around $145 for the pleasure of this. This is the good review, the first place wasn’t fit for a dog to stay in, I left after 30 minutes and she kept my $180 , the bedroom looked like a hostel and it was described as a penthouse when it was a social housing block!!.. No one vets the places and no one cares less what they are like as long as Aibnb are making money.. I will never use it again to travel abroad, I will try it once in the UK then if that is no good it will be deleted along with the rest of the trash!.. I feel total sickened at the whole affair and it ruined 10 days of my holiday with all the problems caused by hosts..

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  1. Airbnb has gotten pretty bad. I have tried for hours to get into my account with no success. Keep wanting to verify who I am only they won’t take anything I put in to verify. When I signed up several years ago I signed up with my facebook account. Now it just said no email found. My picture came up sometimes which was my Facebook profile picture. They need to get their bugs fixed so people can use their account with Airbnb or go out of business one or the other

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