Unauthorized Charge; I Don’t Use Airbnb

I had a $1258 charge show up on my debt card for Airbnb. I don’t have an account with them nor has this card ever been used for an Airbnb purchase. I contacted Airbnb support and got this response:

Thank you for your patience as we looked into your question about a suspected, unauthorized charge on your credit card. We understand your concerns, but please rest assured that a full and thorough investigation has been carried out on the disputed charge.

As outlined in the previous message by my colleague, a refund cannot be issued in cases in which we believe a friend or family member who has access to your payment method has used it unintentionally. Unfortunately, we’re unable to release any information regarding the reservation or the user accounts involved without a formal request, such as a subpoena, from a government agency or law enforcement. If a government agency or law enforcement contact us regarding this issue, Airbnb will fully cooperate with their requests.

We again recommend getting in touch with anyone you may have given your credit card details to in the past. Additionally, we would suggest contacting any friends or relatives who have an Airbnb account that you have traveled with on Airbnb previously—if you added your payment credentials on another account and decided to save these credentials for future use, this could be what caused the unexpected charge. Best, Conn.

Fitting the message was signed “Conn”. I’m livid and will not stop until this is corrected.

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  1. Same problem. Credit charged for $3500 for a reservation I didn’t make. 7 calls and they insist I allowed a friend or family member to use my card which I didn’t. Airbnb stopped responding altogether. No other fraudulent cards except Airbnb which leads me to think the FRAUDSTER ACTUALLY WORKS FOR AIRBNB. I’m also a host and hoping they don’t try to keep my payouts once the bank reverses the fraudulent charge. Completely and amazingly inept fraud team.

  2. This has happened to me repeatedly, on several different card #’s (same account). Never booked Air BnB ever and my cards all were 100% in my possession and no, nobody else has my card info. The single only possibility is someone has my checking and routing number and are being allowed to book with them OR my phone is hacked somehow maybe and they get it whenever I save my card info on my phone…This is crazy

  3. I just caught a fraudulent charge while it was still pending that came from Airbnb. I do not have an account with them. I notified the CC company and shutdown that card. From what I see, this seems to be a regular occurrence with them. If they can’t get their security straight, they should be shutdown.

  4. Did this problem ever was solved? I am going through something similar right now and am super scared. My cc was charged almost 3k for two airbnb reservations even though I have never used airbnb before.

  5. Why would this not also be an AIRBNB issue?? Obviously the funds are going to them! We had the same thing happen. The bank is looking into it. Also, it was a charge on our business account, which is NEVER used for personal OR business travel. I sure hope we can get to the bottom of this! Our charge was for over $1400!!

  6. A lot of misunderstandings going on here.
    Airbnb has a habbit of fraudulently charging people.
    I have received charges as well, however I have never used an AIRBNB.
    My credit card company will issue a new card, with a new number. They didn’t see to be surprised by the fraudulent charging.

  7. Why on earth are you contacting Airbnb? This is a matter between you and the financial institution card provider.

    It’s pretty obvious that your card was either stolen, hacked or (more likely) used by a family member or friend. It has nothing at all to do with Airbnb and the appropriate avenue for complaint is via the disputed payments resolution centre of your financial institution.

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