1. Update. We were paid. No one has returned any calls. No one has returned anything via twitter. I did see the last reviews I got all were great. They returned so much money in future reservations without even talking to me. I find this so insane. Hosts if you do say no to a booking don’t give any reason. if the guest doesn’t like it they can say you discriminated against them. I prey one day widmu kicks there ass.

  2. Thanks David it’s funny they let us keep a week worth of stays after being booted. Then canceled the rest. I’m still getting the reviews people left and they were all saying great stay great staff. It can happen to any of us. Anyone can now lie about being discriminated against when it’s really I don’t want 8 people in my 2 bedroom condo. No one wants to hear our side. If a guest was unhappy I also gave them back there money but they had to check out. If they stayed one night we would refund them the rest no questions ask and just eat it. What more can I do for guests? We are still busy but you never realize what a power house airbnb is until you are removed from them.

  3. I don’t know david what more to say. Had 4 guys rent a 2 bedroom then over phone tell me they wanted to have girls over. Now that’s 8 in our 2 bedroom. I canceled the booking. Then we got tossed for being anti gay and lesbian couples. I’m not anti gay or lesbian i am anti 8 people in a 2 bedroom condo. Been on airbnb for 6 + years. over 700 people have booked via them. There will be arguments when you deal with this many people. Second chance nope. A phone call for our side nope. Just bounced and all future bookings canceled. Really great stuff.

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