Threatening emails – Airbnb clientele declining


I’ve been hosting on airbnb for about a year now. I’ve had mostly good experiences, but recently the clientele has been going downhill. My first bad experience was with an alleged social worker from San Diego – Rosie. She shattered a glass table top and never told me. We discovered it when the cleaners went in to clean after she departed. How do you shatter a table? And, why would you not tell anyone? Needless to say she has never responded to me or Airbnb and I am out the money to fix the table. My second strange experience was from a gentleman who wanted to pay “after” his stay in case he didn’t like the place. Really. And, my experience last night is making me question if I want to continue using this site. After declining a potential guest because they were too wishy washy and it didn’t feel like a good fit I received horrible messages. I’m guessing they did not realize that all correspondence between the two parties is kept by airbnb.

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  1. After many years in hostility, but new to airbnb, a run of airbnb guests that match your above description pure brats has made me wonder if I have made a mistake being listed with them. All of the guests booked via airbnb, bar one, have been challenging and two wrote very nasty reviews of the like we have never received before. Then guests staying straight after from other booking sources have said great things with none of the issues that the airbnb guests made such a big deal in their reviews after they left. Sad the world is turning out such thought less people happy to damage what others have worked hard for years for and it’s seem airbnb are happy to give then the porthole to do it with. Sooner or later they will have look in the mirror.

  2. I have similar experience, always from guest who seem to come from affluent environment where they learnt to be pure brats.

  3. How awful. The comment if red hair leads me to believe this person was not very well balanced. I guess she leads a privileged life where whatever she wants she gets. Can you imaging how she would’ve acted in you home. I keep hearing more and more horror stories on Airbnb. I think I’ll steer clear of them

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