Threatening emails – Airbnb clientele declining


I’ve been hosting on airbnb for about a year now. I’ve had mostly good experiences, but recently the clientele has been going downhill. My first bad experience was with an alleged social worker from San Diego – Rosie. She shattered a glass table top and never told me. We discovered it when the cleaners went in to clean after she departed. How do you shatter a table? And, why would you not tell anyone? Needless to say she has never responded to me or Airbnb and I am out the money to fix the table. My second strange experience was from a gentleman who wanted to pay “after” his stay in case he didn’t like the place. Really. And, my experience last night is making me question if I want to continue using this site. After declining a potential guest because they were too wishy washy and it didn’t feel like a good fit I received horrible messages. I’m guessing they did not realize that all correspondence between the two parties is kept by airbnb.