Beware of Aibnb Cancellation Policies

I booked an apartment through Airbnb’s “Superhost” Luka Piscitelli and when I was forced to cancel my entire trip due to unforeseen circumstances, I gave Luka 6 weeks notice, yet he refused to refund 50% of the fee I paid (totalling $236). Despite talking to several supervisors at Airbnb, they refused to help and supported the host because I clicked on something at checkout that says I agreed to this policy (despite my not even remembering seeing that).

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  1. I am faced with an altogether different problem. My host in Rhodes Greece has said she will refund my deposit, but Airbnb won’t. They are keeping it for the next booking!! A total refund less service fees should be the go.

  2. As hosts we can choose our cancellation policy and you should have read what it was before accepting. If we accept your booking, others cannot book our space – and if you then cancel we lose out. I used to have a very light policy and moved to a strict one for this reason.

    Read what you agree to before posting ‘beware’.

  3. I think the lesson learned here is that you need to read what you sign. Because we are all so busy and on so many different sites, we forget that checking that little box at the end of a contract relieves the host site of many responsibilities.
    It’s problem……..but you must read before signing.

  4. I’m faced with a similar problem. thought i cancelled within 24 hours of booking. Did it ever get resolved? I’m looking for a solution.

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