This property has serial killer written all over it.


I would not recommend this Airbnb to ANYONE! It is being misrepresented to Airbnb and unsuspecting guests. I am shocked AirBnB has chosen to let the host stay on their site. This property and the host has all the traits of a serial killer and horror movie. I have reported this property to the local St. Petersburg authorities. My findings of this property included the following; •a fake wall to the entertainment center that is locked and accessible only from the other side. The entertainment center’s sound speaker is wired in such a way it is very difficult to figure out. In my opinion. •a hidden hideout with a sleeping bag and soda can, •many drawers of personal collections of what appeared to be past guests items it. •women’s underwear •sex toys •cell phones •newspapers clippings •sunglasses Creepy, Creepy, Creepy!

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  1. incredible ! You did well to report to the authorities : how did you find that ?
    Can you put the link to this property ?

  2. Seems like you are putting 2 and 2 together and choosing to come up with 5. There could be a million reasons for what you found, his response to you does not suggest psychopath.

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