There’s No One Home at Airbnb Support

I just spent a splendid two weeks trying to get through to Airbnb support. I have received robot messages from several mythological support people. Some are insulting, some claim to be supportive and not do anything, and none seem to read the messages I sent. Yesterday they added another fun category of pretending to call me back and claiming there was no answer.

I think even a robot could see that the messages were being sent from my phone that was in my hands. I have blocked all my time with Airbnb and plan on finding a company with actual people in it to take my money for use of the website. They charge nearly as much is a reputable rental agency and give nothing in return.

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  1. Yes, I agree.

    I heard internally they have laid off all U.S. employees and ramped up hiring in the Caribbean

    I just look at the value of ABB this way.

    I use them for FREE “Yellow Pages” advertising.
    As soon as I receive a “Inquiry”, I send them a canned template that (in summary) tells them to contact me on VRBO for a 10% discount. ( My ABB Rates are at the min 10% higher anyway).

    If I get a “Booking Request”, I simply change the rate via “Send Special Offer” and raise it so they bail AND then I send them the above template.

    I’ve been with ABB since 2011 and here in Coastal San Diego, I’ve seen nothing but SCUMMY renters from families to couples. And our min age to rent is 28.

    Bottom line is ABB FOSTERS a atmosphere of SCUMMY travelers.

    – And just try to get a travler to pay for ( BLODDY STAINED BED SHEETS, STOLEN BED PILLOWS, SNUCK A DOG ON PROPERTY AND DOG CRAP FOUND INSIDE AND OUTSIDE..ABB will BE A GHOST and you will not get any financial reimbursement support.

    Just last week, a SCUMBAG ABB renter Used 1 custom knife from our knife block as a screwdriver or pry bar and bent the tip, and either stole or threw out another. The knive block was purchased at Bed bath and beyond for $199 and all ABB would do is give me $10 per knife… I cant buy these knives individually so now the knife block sits empty of 2 knives.

    Point is… ABB is a VERY SCUMMY company.

    I Love VRBO, well worth the annual listing cost. The BEST renters. And the fact that I CONTROL their Security Deposit, the renters play nice.!

    The NEW Airbnb…. “50 cents a share”

  2. Unfortunately, I share the same experience. The lack of support and lack to respond in a timely manner is frustrating. Airbnb revenue is based on bookingfees, therefore dependant on availability of accomondation for guests to book. Needless to say, it is vital to have functioning and dedicated staff focusing to resolve problems for hosts as well as for guests when they occur.This company plans an IPO, what a joke if hosts starts to abandon the Airbnb

  3. I had the same experience with a non hearing phantom Airbnb support “person”.
    Host demanded we leave after 1 night of 3 night reservation.
    Airbnb support is tone deaf. No help.
    Host parking not as advertised. NEVER WILL USE AIRBNB AGAIN.

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