1. EXACT story here. Their customer service reps will answer the phone but have no power or information to help me.

  2. The same thing is presently happening to me. I have 2 homes available on the Airbnb platform and I am a super host for 3.5 years. My overall rating is 4,96 out of 5. I had a first-time user book one of my homes for 4 guests for a 2 month period. Upon further inspection, we came to find out that the guest had brought in 4 extra beds and guests and parked his boat in the driveway blocking access to the back yard. I went to the house and was greeted by 6 of his workers and at that point was physically threatened so I left the property and contacted Airbnb. The following day I filed a police report and 2 days after that the guests were removed.
    I can’t believe it, my listings have been suspended with no explanation or notification at all, The way I found out was a previous guest was looking to book again and couldn’t find my listings. Upon further investigation, I discovered the suspension. It’s been 2 weeks and I have contacted Airbnb 22 times only to be told that it’s unheard of by the people I spoke with but it is out of their hands. What has happened to Airbnb? I was their biggest cheerleader and they are treating me worse than an abusive first-time user, I don’t get it and never will. I have pulled 2 of my properties from their platform and will do the third first chance I get.

    • I just had the same thing occur. Have you heard anything yet? I have 5 listings all with great reviews. I was told to contact the police re: my interaction with a guest who refused to leave following her stay. Next thing you know- suspended. Zero explanation, zero recourse. I am waiting to hear back from an ambassador

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