Thanks to Airbnb I Gained $500 and Lost $15000


As with many Airbnb hosts, I decided to rent my flat in Dubai for some extra money while I was going away on winter holidays; it seems like a great deal through Airbnb. Little did I know back then that I was going to lose almost half my wardrobe and three of my expensive handbags, altogether worth about $15000.

The group of guests was from France, and there were four of them: the one I was in touch with, her mom and two siblings. The guest didn’t have her full name on her Airbnb profile; she is from France – Provence area, most probably Nice. I had all of my clothes, shoes, and handbags locked with a bike locker in my closet. I left five days before the group was going to check in, had the keys left at the reception and my cleaning lady coming the day before and after their check in to prepare the flat.

As the group checked in just after midnight, they only collected the key from reception; no one was there to wait for them. When I returned to Dubai after three weeks, I didn’t even notice that first day that something was missing. The lock was in place. Only on the second day when I start unpacking did I realize that my Chanel ($6000) and Fendi ($3000) handbags were missing. That’s when the nightmare started. I realized they opened the lock, went inside my closet, and locked it back up after stealing my stuff.

I first went to the security in my building to report what had happened and ask them to check the CCTV cameras from in front my flat’s door. It took me about two days to watch all three weeks of recordings and saw no one else except the Airbnb guests and my maid entering the flat. It wasn’t the maid – she came and left carrying her own small bag. Meanwhile I started noticing more and more stuff missing: Louis Vuitton bag ($2100), Louboutin shoes, Balmain Dress ($1600), Fendi scarf ($1000), two D&G T-shirts ($800), Liujo Coat ($300) and many other clothes (the whole list is attached).

All this time I must have called the Airbnb customer service line at least seven times. Each time I spoke to a different person who said that perhaps Airbnb might reimburse me some of the money and that I had to file a complaint. I filled the complaint and involved Airbnb under the “Host Guarantee Program” – which is totally useless by the way. They took three days to reply, they never investigated anything from my side, they only wrote me a short email (screenshot attached below), and they never wanted to tell me the guest’s full name, even though they had her ID.

She created her Airbnb profile just before she booked my place – that should have already been a question mark for Airbnb that they must be professional thieves. However, Airbnb didn’t care and acted arrogant, eventually not replying to my emails. After trying and calling Airbnb again, I got the same answer as before: “We can not do anything because it is not our department taking care of it.”

What a lame excuse. Basically you can never reach the department you want through the phone on Airbnb. I involved the police as well. The investigation is still ongoing but there’s little they can do if the thieves are already out of the country. Now I am left without my expensive goods. Airbnb was totally useless and careless; they never even bothered to give me a phone call to ask about what happened and if they could be of any help. Basically Airbnb is covering for thieves, but they don’t care as long they are getting money out of it. Airbnb’s staff have no power or knowledge of what is happening around them.

I will never use Airbnb again, and you should think twice before giving your house to strangers. I should mention that I did rent my flat before on Airbnb twice but both times everything was in place. I thought Airbnb was really a decent site and not everyone can just make an account and get away with illegal situations. In addition, I thought no one would dare to steal in Dubai.

List of missing stuff: Chanel bag – $6000 · Fendi bag – $3000 · Louis Vuitton bag – $2100 · Balmain dress – $1600 · 2 D&G tshirts – $800 · Fendi scarf – $1000 · Liu Jo coat – $300 · Hermes scarf – $200 · Louboutin shoes · Kenzo dress – $300 · Michael Kors dress – $200 · Old iPhone 5 · Victoria’s Secrets bath rope · Speaker · Pair of trainers · Hair lotion, perfumes, body cream, face scrub – basically everything expensive they could found.

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  1. Airbnb said they didn’t consider your claim because you did not notify them within 14 days. Is that true? If so why didn’t you contact them? If you did go back to them and ask them to check their phone logs.

    If you look at Airbnb Guarantee it clearly states what is covered and what isn’t.

    I do hope you contact the police and reported the theft and that you took out specialist home insurance to cover short term lets so you can make a claim on your own insurance.

    Of course people steal in Dubai they steal all over the world. These people weren’t from Dubai were they?

  2. You are unfortunately extremely ignorant.

    You left all this stuff in your place and rented it out? How is this Airbnb’s fault?

    You are probably a scammer looking for easy money. I doubt you had any of this stuff in the first place.

    Read the Terms of the Host Guarantee Policy. It specifically excludes theft to deter scammers like you from attempting this crap.

    • Ronald why are you being so mean? I sent pics with me wearing all those stuff to airbnbhell but they weren’t uploaded!! Plus I have all the receipts.
      I guess I am ignorant but don’t call me a scammer when you don’t know anything about me!

  3. Yes, I agree with Sally.
    One should never leave valuables in a place you will be renting out. Even if you have a real safe (such as a Chubb etc) you should not.
    Also, you must have your own Home and Contents insurance in any case.
    As a Host you should have enabled the option to only allow fully verified users of Airbnb to book your place. That way Airbnb can supply the guest’s ID to the Police.
    By the way, as with most countries in Europe and Asia. Hotels are required to see and record Passports/IDs of their guests. I imagine it would be the same for Airbnb guests.

  4. Envious Sally?
    Well there is one solution. Sue Airbnb.
    They are responsoble if they promised you protecton and obviously never use them again. By the way, no they don’t check guests or hosts.

  5. A wonderful lesson in humbleness. Pfffff, youse a greedy, nasty piece of work with the brain of a goldfish. How on earth could you leave your darling trinkets in a closet locked with a cheap biker’s padlock? Very fishy, sounds more like a professional cheapskate that wants to ween some dosh off Airbnb. Buy H&M next time hahaha

    • Dear Sally, I never heard of people stealing in Dubai, that’s why I left my stuff inside, I don’t have a goldfish brain ;)…. and is not funny at all

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