Incorrect Airbnb Pricing

I booked 9 days in Brooklyn NY. When I reserved the days, it said it was $78 for each night. I didn’t check my email, but saw the difference when I looked at my credit card bill. It stated two nights were $107, two were $89 a night, and the rest were $97 a night. I NEVER saw any price but the $78 a night. Airbnb says that couldn’t happen, but it did to me. They will do nothing for me, so my trip was about $200 more than I anticipated. On top of that, the host did not have all the amenities they listed, they slept during the day on the living room sofa, and wanted us to be extra quiet coming and going because their neighbors were unhappy they were doing Airbnb. I imagine they were not supposed to according to their lease. I would never do Airbnb again, and would NEVER suggest it to anyone else!

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  1. Hello !
    Leave a link to the property you went to. It seems that the hosts didn’t had the right to rent their flat, but normally it is indicated on the website when you rent a whole flat or when you share it with other people, isn’t it ?

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