NEVER Again Will We Use Airbnb

NEVER Again will we use Airbnb. You THINK you are getting a better deal than staying at a hotel. NOT THE CASE. You can literally find yourself not only paying for commission charges from Airbnb, and the per-night charge from the ‘host’, you leave yourself wide open to a ridiculous security deposit, and claims of all sorts by the hosts of the place you might stay. We were using airbnb since 2013 and we have had fantastic experiences with many hosts, but it was only down to pure luck. If a lunatic / neurotic host decides to ruin your holiday, they can! They claimed that we destroyed (with shower steam ) their baby’s paper planes that were hanging above a changing mat it the bathroom (that should not be left there at a first place) , stained two of their towels with some dirt they couldn’t remove and apparently spilled something on the floor and damaged the laminate. (No one of us remembers anything of this). Nonsense!!! ..airbnb sided with the host, and wants to charge $600 the security deposit to my Visa card. They didn’t even bother to show me the pictures that the host presented as ‘evidence'”. We were not even allowed to dispute their decision!!! I called my bank and spoke with a supervisor, and I hope to be able to stop this totally unexpected and unfair charge out of nowhere!!! . I totally lost my trust to this company. Would you valued me as a client , you would have to compensate me, for putting me through this hellish nightmare! My previous positive experience with other airbnb hosts made me believe that this was a trustworthy company. Alas! They are NOT worth your trust! This would have never happened with a holiday park, a hotel or a proper B&B. This Christmas our holiday will be with a holiday park in the Netherlands. NEVER Again will we use Airbnb.

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  1. Villa Turquoise Diani Beach Kenya- DISASTER.
    we arrived after a long journey. On arrival at the ‘vila’ our hearts sank,
    The property was dirty, poorly maintained, and completely unloved, dirty kitchen , dirty kitchen utensils, dirty cooker, city fridge etc etc etc
    Ripped curtains on the main entrance.
    Bedrooms, grubby , dimly lit grubby, linen, grubby towel grubby bathrooms etc etc etc
    The ‘host’ was not the owner , he was a neighbour who owns other properties next door, he showed us one of his properties which we immediately agreed to move to the next day.
    Air BNB act only as in intermediary, with No authority or real concern, Basically AirBnb ask you to sort it out with the Owner, When the Owner clearly has no interest in the property. We asked for a refund for the 1 night we had to stay as it was late and dark – He Refused. We moved the next day, The review on your site are from his relatives. Not impartial reviews at all. As we left after 1 week the property had the roof removed – need I say more.
    In addition AirBnb claims the property has Washer , Drier, Internet
    NO IT DOES NOT!!!!!!!

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