Unacceptable – Airbnb Complaint Not Answered

We booked an amazing house in Brenton-on-Sea Knysna, South Africa all through the Airbnb official site, then paid in full on June 12. The host confirmed the booking and supplied an Airbnb booking reference. The Airbnb host confirmed payment was received.

When we went back online it stated on their site that we had paid and we were going to this house. But on the app it doesn’t reflect as an upcoming trip. The host keeps on saying she has had these issues before, but we are still not getting the confirmation on their app. The host keeps on saying she will get back to us.

We have logged several requests for help with the customer service people and they keep on closing our claims without resolving anything. The amount paid upfront to the Airbnb bank account in the UK was substantial as we paid in full. We are very concerned as we cannot see our booking online, the link the host has sent for the offer has expired, and the listing of the house has been removed from Airbnb. The host says she has removed the listing as she cannot attend to any more enquiries for this house. This is a ridiculous, vicious circle.



First and Last Airbnb Stay Was a Nightmare


I had a nightmare stay. The host refused to keep the A/C on. There was no wifi available. There were bits of broken glass all over the supposedly pet-friendly property. The host’s junk was in the closets. There was smoking indoors (listed as non-smoking) as well as cigarette burns in the linens. The host kept the plastic on the bed. The door was extremely difficult to open, and at the time of my arrival the door lock was non-functional; she installed it an hour after I arrived.

In addition, messages requesting the A/C be turned on went ignored, and when I called Airbnb directly she said she wanted me to leave (which I was more than happy to do). To top it all off, her unrestrained Doberman Pincher tried to attack my service animal.

I called Airbnb a number of times about this, and received a refund (but only after they “cleared it with the host”). I posted my bad review of the stay, which was 100% truthful. In response, the host gave me a bad review in which she lied (my initial message to her indicated in no uncertain terms that I would be working from home, mainly using Zoom and phone, for the duration of my stay — she claims I never told her I would be working from home and that I told her I would be completing an internship, a lie I have no clue as to the origins of).

I took pictures and video of everything and was on the phone with Airbnb when her mutt tried to attack my service animal. It was terrible. The attached pictures are from after I asked her to remove her personal belongings from the space, an image of the cigarette-burned linens,  the raw wiring where a fire alarm was supposed to be installed (as listed), and the sharp ends of screws sticking into the rented space. It was terrible. Airbnb has not decided to remove her from their platform.


Unfairly Blocked my Account After Guest Lied

Airbnb blocked my account. I had a guest back in May and her boyfriend was very disrespectful and immature. I had surveillance cameras; one is on the main hallway that captured him flipping his middle finger and cursing at me.

Up to that point, I had not had any contact with this individual. When I asked the guest why, she apologized and kept saying she liked my place and this was why she rebooked for the third time. They were very loud and dirty. I have another guest in the room across from them who was also complaining so when their stay was over I just let other guests book the room.

Well the problem I have now is that the boyfriend wrote three bad reviews for every time they booked and not only that, he called Airbnb and lied about my listing, saying that I have cameras inside the rooms. Let’s get this clear: I do not have any cameras inside any private areas.

Airbnb blocked all my listings and then contacted me. I assured them that I don’t have cameras.

It’s coming up on almost a month since they blocked me. I only have a couple emails from them telling me to specify where the cameras are—which I did from the very beginning of me creating my account.

Please help me; I need this income. I’m not working due to the pandemic and I invested a lot of money renovating and furnishing the apartment.


50% Refund on an $1800 Airbnb Reservation

It was my first time using Airbnb, and will be my last. We booked an Airbnb in January to stay in New Orleans from June 3-7. Other people in our group decided they wanted something else and had double booked another location as well. We cancelled this one. It was my fault; I read the cancellation policy incorrectly. I was only issued 50% of my refund.

I tried to contact the host, buy I guess once they have your money and no reservation, they don’t feel it necessary to respond. Fast forward to all this COVID-19 stuff happening and Airbnb publishes something that says that if you booked your reservation within certain dates for travel dates that you can no longer travel, they will give you a refund.

I tried contacting the host again and disputing the charge with my credit card company at the same time. I finally got an answer two months later from the host that I am supposed to get my refund directly from Airbnb. I have called, and each time I get the recording that say a they’ll be with me in “a few hours.”

Considering the reservation was cancelled a week after it was booked and six months in advance, I don’t think this is right. Buyer beware and check their ridiculous cancellation policy. You’re better off in a hotel that allows free cancellations up to two days before your trip. My trip total was close to $1,700 and I’m out almost $800.


Airbnb Malaysia Host Cancelled Check in, Refused Refund

I was supposed to check in on May 31 but due to the lack of clear information given by the host, they refused to check me in on the actual day. Yes, on the actual day.

Beware of horrible hosts who can just simply leave you homeless during your trip. This host failed to ensure a smooth check-in by not giving proper communication, any efforts to explain and no response thereafter, and did not even report the case to Airbnb. I was told so by Airbnb when I contacted them subsequently (no report from their records).

When I requested my refund, the case was passed around to numerous case managers and senior case managers yet none of them gave me a refund according to policy as stated in Airbnb’s terms and condition. I even told by one of the case managers the host declined my check-in because she did not feel comfortable (pray for all travelers who booked with this host that she is in good spirits during your check-in).

What was ridiculous was that the host declined my check-in yet refused to refund my payment. As of June 28, I have not yet received my refund from Airbnb and the case manager even requested me to proceed with check-in after almost a month has passed from the initial check-in date.

Airbnb needs to look into this matter. I wanted get my refund in full according to Airbnb policy. I always trusted Airbnb but happened of this incident really destroyed the trust built up.


Airbnb Nightmare: Squatters Destroy My Home

My last Airbnb guests have destroyed my home.  They were there for two months without paying.  They have brought cats into the house and have been smoking in violation of my house rules.  This is because Airbnb failed to tell me that they were not paying, and as a result, I extended their stay past one month.

They only just left recently after two months and the house reeks of cigarettes. Cat feces are everywhere. Airbnb will cost me thousands. I’m still waiting for Airbnb to take responsibility so I can make repairs. My whole case is extremely well documented with pictures taken of the interior during this guest’s stay from her own Facebook page.

It’s been one month since these people moved out and I still have no commitment from Airbnb and have lost another month’s rent because of their delay. This is the video I took after the police made sure the guest had left.


Cancellation Refund Trouble Over Pre-Wedding Property

I booked a small house for my bridesmaids and I to stay in the night before my wedding. Considering the state of the world right now it’s pretty easy to assume our plans changed and we have postponed the wedding for a year. I cancelled my reservation just fine. I even accepted the fact that almost 50% of my deposit would not be returned to me.

My issue is that I have never received my refund. I was supposed to have a refund sent to my card and it’s been three weeks. Every person I contact says they are escalating my case and an agent will get back to me. Three separate agents have said this. I need my money back. I have called the customer service line and have been on hold for about 30 minutes so far. I feel I will not be seeing my money back anytime soon.

Heartless Host After Cancellation in Barcelona

We had a terrible experience with a property in Barcelona. Due to COVID, we had to cancel this property in which we were meant to stay until July. We cancelled early in April to give the host plenty of time to rebook it and despite giving plenty of time, they used the same cancellation policy as though we were not in the middle of a pandemic. Airbnb also refused to help cover the other part of the refund.

We were a group of young girls celebrating our good friend’s hen do and despite many conversations the host was heartless and unwilling to help us receive a full refund, which was important to us given the financial state of the world. I am appalled at the lack of consideration during such difficult times worldwide and do not think anyone should book this property.

Left Airbnb in an hour—$540 down the drain

I booked an Airbnb for one night for me, my kids, grandkids, and extended family. When I walked down the sidewalk, people screamed from the balconies saying we would be killed tonight and to get out of there. I turned at an alley with “crack” marked in the cement.

We walked in the house terrified. The AC didn’t work, parts of the wall fell on me, there was drug paraphernalia on the nightstand, there was laundry in the washer, the TVs had VHS tapes—probably didn’t work either—the sink was leaking, there were stains on the floor, and other people’s toiletries were in the bathroom.

We couldn’t have run away any faster. It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen in all my years. While taking our luggage to the car, we were approached and asked if we wanted to buy dope, or crack. Person that rented it to us refuse to refund anything. We have pictures. Please do not go here, we were lucky to escape with our lives. Not an exaggeration.


Airbnb Says “Sorry, No Refund” to COVID Cancellation


I’ve been going back and forth with Airbnb support trying to resolve my cancelation to no avail. My stay, booked in February, was for May 6-10 for my wife and I in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

After the COVID-19 pandemic and no travel to Europe was instituted, I contacted the host that we were going to be staying with. She said she would authorize Airbnb to give me a full refund. On March 27 I cancelled the booking and since then have been waiting on my refund.

After waiting months and going back and forth with Airbnb support, I was notified that on June 16 that they could not reach the host. They already received payment for the stay and I’m unfortunately out on my refund.

This is crap. I cancelled six weeks before our stay under Airbnb’s coronavirus exemption policy and received a $0.00 refund. Attached is an email I received from Airbnb after I cancelled. This matter needs to be addressed. I should receive my money and Airbnb should remove the host from their listings.