Airbnb Neighbors Make Nightmare of a Summer in Palomares

I bought a house on a very quiet street in Palomares, Almeria, Spain. I was told the house right next to me was empty because the owner lived in Barcelona. I should have asked more questions.

My first night in the new house was a nightmare. Eight young men were staying in the house next door as an Airbnb for three days and were determined to create their own “Dream Beach” (a yearly electronic music festival in the neighborhood) with loud music, constant screaming and of course much drinking. I had to flee to a hotel.

The owner of the house responded and promised to “talk to them,” yet this made no difference. This nightmare continued throughout the summer, with some reasonable guests in between. The problem is that the house is very big — it sleeps nine. The noise goes through the entire street because the main terrace of the house is on the frontside.

This Airbnb next door has made my house uninhabitable. You cannot have any guests overnight. The worst thing is the uncertainty. Every time a new group arrives, you are worrying how they will be: would the weekend be bearable, or would it be a nightmare? You typically know in the first few minutes.

The owner tried to prevent me from filing a “denuncia” and appeased me by saying that the house was already sold and that September would be the last month of renting. This turned out to be not true and the house continues to list on Airbnb as a “Superhost” property.

I don’t know now to end this nightmare. I have started a petition with signatures of all affected neighbors but I don’t know where to go with it. The house has a license. I am trying to have that license taken away. I am trying everything. I am desperate.

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  1. Airbnb have terrorized me by putting a string of drug dealers in the apartment near mine. They are high on crack that they smoke with their clients in the Airbnb.
    It is not just Crack they are smoking it is pot, cigarettes, meth. All of the drugs they can do in an Airbnb.

    They have parties at all hours, slam the door repeatedly for up to a half an hour for the fun of terrorizing the neighbors.

    Somehow the (90) day turnaround just brings in another set of drug dealing thugs every time. You cannot tell me this is a coincidence.

    There are at least 10 airbnb apartments on my floor but the only bad apple is the one next to my apartment.

    Airbnb needs to put an end to this.

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